The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, February 17, 2006

News for 02-16-06

02-16-06 - Annan backs UN Guantanamo demand The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has said the United States must shut down Guantanamo Bay prison camp "as soon as is possible".

02-16-06 - Iran says no uranium enrichment yet, ready to talk "Those surveillance cameras that were not required by the Additional Protocol were removed, but those that are needed according to the Additional Protocol are still in their places."

02-16-06 - Majority of Americans rate Bush negatively: Poll

02-16-06 - France Accuses Iran of Making Nuclear Arms

02-16-06 - Russia Puts Condition on Iran Enrichment Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow will only host Iran's uranium enrichment program if Tehran agrees to re-impose an indefinite freeze on enrichment at home.

02-16-06 - Rice calls Iran "central banker of terrorism"

02-16-06 - Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran

02-16-06 - Iran open to helping Venezuela nuclear program

02-16-06 - US highlights fear of nuclear Iran to enlist Arabs

02-16-06 - Russia says talks with Hamas set for early March Russia has agreed to hold talks with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas at the beginning of next month, the foreign ministry said on Thursday

02-16-06 - Rice says it will be tough to get UN sanctions against Iran

02-16-06 - A bid to foment democracy in Iran The US may be forced to look again, he says, at the People's Mujahideen of Iran (MEK), a longtime opposition group to the Tehran regime that also sits on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

02-16-06 - Canadian sent to Syrian jail has US suit dismissed "It's clear that the reason they sent him to Syria was to be interrogated under torture. The executive branch sees itself above the law, that it can do anything in the name of national security or the war on terrorism,"

02-16-06 - Iran tops Blair and Merkel agenda

02-16-06 - Hamas leaders invited to Russia The Russian foreign ministry says the meeting - which is opposed by the US - will take place in early March.

02-16-06 - Cheney says he has power to declassify info Vice President Dick Cheney disclosed Wednesday that he has the power to declassify sensitive government information, authority that could set up a criminal defense for his former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

02-16-06 - New Abu Ghraib pictures anger Arab nations

02-16-06 - Iran rejects French nuclear charges

02-16-06 - Outside View: Hariri murder mysteries

02-16-06 - THE HOUR: Knowing What We Don't Know "Israeli intelligence played a hidden role in convincing Wolfowitz that he couldn't trust the CIA... Israeli intelligence officials frequently traveled to Washington to brief top American officials, but CIA analysts were often skeptical of Israeli intelligence reports, knowing that Mossad had very strong - even transparent - biases about the Arab world." Wolfowitz, who "had begun meeting personally with top Israeli intelligence officials," preferred the Mossad's analysis to the CIA's.

02-16-06 - Muslim Boycotts of Danish Products Costly Boycott is a means of civil disobedience used by many different groups as a way to affect change.

02-16-06 - Israeli Hardliners Launch a Petition in the US to Destroy the Iranian Reactor, Announces

02-16-06 - Rep. Gregory W. Meeks Meets with Israel's Consul General, Arye Mekel; Photo Available Consul General Mekel joined Rep. Meeks in the condemnation of the continuing anti-Semitic statements and Holocaust denial of the President of Iran.

02-16-06 - U.S. sheriffs learn from Israelis The American Israel Education Foundation, a supporting organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, sponsored the one-week event, which took place last week in Israel. What they were not told by AIPAC : U.S. policy on Israel key motive for effort, I'm guessing.

02-16-06 - Jumblatt does not need lessons from Israel

02-16-06 - The Cartoons and the Neocon How bad is Pipes? He wants the utter military obliteration of the Palestinians; indeed, from the Muslim world, his racism is about as blatant as that of the Holocaust denying Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

02-16-06 - Feds Mistakenly Turned Over Secret Papers The case against the now-defunct Muslim charity is built in part on wiretaps, informants and information provided by Israel 'Evidence' provided by Israel is admissible in US courts, evidently.


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