The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 12, 2006

News for 02-11-06

02-11-06 - Khatami warns of higher oil prices if UN sanctions Iran

02-11-06 - Iran may reconsider nuclear NPT membership Iran may reconsider its membership of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if it feels its enemies are using the accord to put unfair pressure on it

02-11-06 - Iran: U.S., Europe Should Pay for Drawings Iran's hard-line president on Saturday accused the United States and Europe of being "hostages of Zionism" and said they should pay a heavy price for the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have triggered worldwide protests

02-11-06 - MoD to probe Iraq 'abuse' video Pictures from a video allegedly showing British soldiers brutally beating a group of Iraqi teenagers have been published by the News of the World.

02-11-06 - Republican Chief Outlines 2006 Strategy According to Bolton, our job is to fight anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in the world via the UN.

02-11-06 - Annan Urges Iran to Maintain Nuke Freeze

02-11-06 - The Neocons' Long War As the war in Iraq has proved to everyone but the most hard-core neoconservative, ham-handed U.S. military attacks in Muslim countries create more terrorists than they kill. One way to reduce the amount of animosity for America in not just the Muslim world, but in the entire world as a whole, would be to stop supporting Israel's unlawful colonization and occupation of the Palestinian Territories. Nahh. That'd be too easy...

02-11-06 - U.N. Wants News of Lebanon Investigation Bolton said U.S. concern "about Syrian obstruction of the investigation remains - and that's going to be an issue that we're going to watch very closely in the coming days." As predicted, Bolton never called for any inquiry into the shooting of the teenaged Lebanese shepherd gunned down by Israeli forces. He is only concerned with punishing Israel's arch-enemies.

02-11-06 - Ahmadinejad repeats Holocaust is a 'myth' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeated his view that the Holocaust of Jews under Nazi Germany was a "myth" and argued that Palestinians and Iraqis were suffering from "the real Holocaust".

02-11-06 - Embattled Syrian Leader Shakes Up Cabinet Syria's president ordered a major Cabinet shake-up Saturday, signaling he has no plans to cave under growing U.S. and international pressure over the assassination of a former Lebanese leader and alleged failure to stop militants from crossing into Iraq.

02-11-06 - Denmark closes more embassies

02-11-06 - Why would Iran start an arms race in the Middle East? Giraldi said that shutting down the Strait of Hormuz could send oil skyrocketing to as much as $300 a barrel. Giraldi says: "is this all worth it? No".

02-11-06 - Iran Jews express Holocaust shock Iran's small Jewish community of about 30,000 is recognised by the Islamic Republic and there is even a Jewish member of parliament.

02-11-06 - President Ahmadinejad's trap Conspiracy theory?

02-11-06 - Hizbullah, FPM understanding worries U.S. "We don't want to see a process of dialogue that gives an excuse for any party to avoid their responsibilities under Resolution 1559," However, Israel is never pressed by the US government to implement the numerous Security Council resolutions that it is in violation of.

02-11-06 - Muslim-Americans defend free speech, despite blasphemous' cartoons

02-11-06 - Whistleblowers Are Not Protected, Mr. Goss

02-11-06 - Lebanon village struggles after Syrians The irony of the Syrian presence in Lebanon - that its army controlled the country, but its people worked like serfs for Lebanese masters - is etched into his weather-beaten face.

02-11-06 - 'New populists' vs. the West Can the leaders of Iran and Venezuela forge a political counterweight to US power?

02-11-06 - EU mulls media code after cartoon protests


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