The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, February 16, 2006

News for 02-15-06

02-15-06 - Saddam warned terrorists would hit US: tapes

02-15-06 - Quieter presence urged in Mideast Through it all, however, "it is essential that the U.S. hand not be seen," said the report by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. military academy.

02-15-06 - Iran ready to counter any US aggression "We have worked on all defensive and offensive scenarios for any possible attacks," Revolutionary Guards chief General Yahya Rahim Safavi told state television.

02-15-06 - Russia hints domestic Iranian uranium enrichment a possibility Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hinted that Russia could back Iran's enriching uranium on its own if Tehran convinced the international community it does not seek nuclear weapons.

02-15-06 - US attacks Iraq abuse images leak The US has said images broadcast on Australian TV showing the apparent abuse of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers should not have been released.

02-15-06 - Masters of Deception what we are seeing are the outlines of a coordinated covert action, engineered by neoconservative ideologues in and around the Pentagon and Dick Cheney's office, and carried out in cooperation with the Israelis. Their objective: gin up a war with Iran, even as we marched into Iraq

02-15-06 - US House urges halt of direct aid to Palestinians "Until Hamas changes course, dismantles its terrorist organization, and agrees to work toward a peaceful settlement with Israel, no taxpayer money should be provided to support the Palestinian government," said House Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican. Thus will Palestinians suffer further for wanting an uncorrupt government - the reason they elected Hamas in the first place. Here is the roll call which includes the lone dissenting vote. This move actually goes along with what the NYT article suggested the other day - the plan to starve Palestinians of much-needed money.

02-15-06 - Rice: Force an option with Iran "No options are off the table, no one is ready for a nuclear Iran, the Iranians must understand that," Rice said, according to notes from three people attending the meeting. "The United States and this president do not have a credibility issue when it comes to the use of force."

02-15-06 - US 'let slip 9/11 hijacker 13 times'

02-15-06 - Congressman Says Unit Foreshadowed Attacks

02-15-06 - Rice to Ask for $75M for Democracy in Iran "The United States wishes to reach out to the Iranian people and support their desire to realize their own freedom and to secure their own democratic and human rights. The Iranian people should know that the United States fully supports their aspirations for a freer, better future," There's that neocon democracy again. Her words translated from neocon-ese : install an Israel-friendly regime soon b/c we're about to bomb the sh*t out of you.

02-15-06 - Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting If the man wounded by Dick Cheney dies, the vice president could - in theory at least - face criminal charges, even though the shooting was an accident.

02-15-06 - Britain criminalizes 'glorification' of terrorism the new law could make it illegal for people to speak in support of Palestinian rights

02-15-06 - Jewish groups see setback as Air Force issues religious guidelines Jewish leaders said more efforts are needed to counterbalance the evangelical Christian community.

"We have not galvanized Congress, but we will have to," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

02-15-06 - Rice Outlines White House Approach on Iran The Bush administration will "walk a fine line" in seeking punitive international sanctions against Iran's Islamic government over its disputed nuclear program, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday.

02-15-06 - Feingold Drops Effort to Block Patriot Act With few if any allies, Sen. Russell Feingold dropped his effort late Wednesday to block the USA Patriot Act, clearing a path for Senate debate. But he promised to try to add new protections for civil liberties during proceedings later this month.

02-15-06 - Germany 'stands with Israel' on Iran Germany?s foreign minister said his country would stand with Israel in dealing with Iran and would not rule out military cooperation.

02-15-06 - Israeli Leader: Iran President 'Obsessed' "It is now clear that the race began again and time is running out," Steinitz told The Associated Press, warning that if Iran is not stopped, it "will obtain a nuclear weapon in approximately two to three years, and this will be a devastating threat not only to Israel and the Middle East but also to Europe and the United States."

02-15-06 - U.S.: Dismantle Hezbollah The Bush administration used the anniversary of the assassination of a Lebanese leader to call on Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah.

02-15-06 - Ezra: Israel to share intelligence with four European countries

02-15-06 - Military leader: Iran wants to destroy Israel Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin said Tuesday that within six months Iran could have the means to build a nuclear bomb Our intelligence says ten years.

02-15-06 - US bungles Middle East policy, lawmakers tell Rice Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee (news, bio, voting record) from Rhode Island took aim at Rice for not doing enough to support Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah Party was defeated by Hamas in the January 25 Palestinian election.


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