The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, January 05, 2006

News for 01-04-06

01-04-06 - US Headed for Confrontation With Iran Most important of all, the American public is exhausted with the war in Iraq. Hence, short of a 9/11-like terrorist attack that could be linked (really, that is, and not through deceptive "intelligence") to the ayatollahs in Tehran, Congress is not going to provide President Bush with the green light to send U.S. ground troops to Iran See the first paragraph from the August edition of the American Conservative.

01-04-06 - Anger as Britain admits it was wrong to blame Iran for deaths in Iraq The twist comes three months after British officials first made strong assertions, widely reported in the media, of an Iranian hand in killing British soldiers. The highly publicised allegations emerged as America was locked in tense confrontation with Iran over its nuclear policy

01-04-06 - Fate of four peace activists kidnapped in Iraq unknown

01-04-06 - Time to Talk to Tehran by Patrick J. Buchanan it is hard to see how U.S. vital interests would be served by a war on Iran for asserting its rights under the NPT. Nor has Bush been authorized by Congress to launch a preventive war on Iran. The Bush "axis-of-evil" doctrine notwithstanding, we still have a Constitution.

01-04-06 - Iran to brief UN on atomic research plan: diplomats

01-04-06 - Syria open to UN team meeting minister: diplomats

01-04-06 - 'Corruption ... very extensive' Prosecutors say Abramoff's cooperation is central to a wide-ranging corruption investigation that stretches from Capitol Hill to congressional districts across the USA.

01-04-06 - Western agencies say Iran out to build nuclear missile

01-04-06 - America's nuclear ticking bomb If only conventional bombs are used in an unprovoked U.S. or Israeli aerial attack against Iran's facilities, Iran is likely to retaliate with missiles against coalition forces in Iraq and against Israel, as well as possibly a ground invasion of southern Iraq, that the 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq would not be able to withstand

01-04-06 - Poll: Half believe Congress is dirty Campaign financing and 'lobbying' need to be abolished. Corporate and foreign interests have far too much influence over our lawmakers. The power should be with the people, as per the founding fathers.

01-04-06 - Congress is partly to blame for Bush's warrantless wiretaps

01-04-06 - It is 'showtime' for Syria - UK "The onus is now on the Syrian regime to match the expectations which were raised by President Bashar when he first took over from his father... and break away from this long legacy of failing to meet the requirements of international law and what appears to have been complicity in some very bad things that have happened in the Lebanon." The double standards applied to Syria and Israel, I'm sure, have not gone unnoticed in the Middle East.

01-04-06 - Bush, Others Dump Abramoff Donations

01-04-06 - Make them drink their sea of oil But Iran knows that America is a tiger who loses its sense of direction, and responsibility, with the scent of oil under its nose. And so what if oil were to cost a little more? After all, a nuclear-armed Iran will in any case be able to play with prices just as it pleases; and then it will be so much more difficult to bring it back from the point of no return.
Using oil blackmail to prod US to attack Iran?


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