The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 29, 2005

News for 12-28-05

12-28-05 - Newspaper: Killers of Lebanese editor threaten to kill new chief of U.N. probe on Hariri

12-28-05 - Lebanon Condemns Rocket Attack on Israel "These acts _ the firing of rockets and the Israeli raids and air violations _ are eventually aimed at undermining stability in Lebanon and distracting attention from efforts to continue internal dialogue on major issues,"

12-28-05 - Iran sounds positive note on Russian atomic plan Iran said on Wednesday it would "seriously and enthusiastically" study a Russian proposal aimed at reducing international fears about its nuclear programme, the ISNA students news agency reported.

12-28-05 - Israeli planes attack in Lebanon

12-28-05 - Terrorism cases in US may be reopened after wiretap scandal

12-28-05 - Locked in Limbo Along with employment restrictions, there are also legal codes that prevent Palestinian children from attending Lebanese schools. With their concentration in these refugee ghettos, most Palestinians here live in limbo, caught between the dream of returning to their Palestinian homeland and the nightmare of their current status as non-citizens. Strange how our government doesn't give one rat's about these people, and bringing 'democracy' to them.

12-28-05 - Guide tracks US reps' votes on Israel The decision to include legislator's voting records on Israel in the Christian Voter's Guide was arranged at the urging of the Knesset's increasingly-influential 'Christian Allies Caucus,' and comes at a time of increasing cooperation between Israel and Christian supporters of Israel worldwide, a goal the cross-party parliamentary lobby works to further.

12-28-05 - Syria wants new rules for cooperation on UN probe

12-28-05 - Top Jewish group 'terror' apology Washington said it would freeze any assets of the charity in the US and banned US nationals from having any dealings with the organisation.
The Charity Commission, the UK watchdog, froze the charity's accounts and launched an investigation. It later cleared Interpal, saying Washington had not been able to substantiate the claim.
The US Treasury has however kept Interpal on its list of suspected organisations, a situation that continues to infuriate many British Muslims. Ever wonder why politics in Britain (our best ally) are so profoundly different than they are here? Is there an AIPAC in Britain?

12-28-05 - Israelis Born in Iraq Plan Visit to Area Now the Mosul Jewry Heritage Center in the Israeli port city of Haifa is organizing tours to northern Iraq, where Kurds, traditionally friendly to Jews, are in control, said Aharon Efroni, chairman of the center

12-28-05 - Nuking Iran With the UN's Blessing As for how it will all get started, there is room for speculation. One possibility is that Israel will pull the trigger, with a surprise (conventional) bombing of Bushehr and other facilities, which could "force" the U.S. to join in to protect Israel and U.S. forces in Iraq from Iranian retaliation. Recent statements by Israeli officials hint at this possibility,


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