The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, December 24, 2005

News for 12-23-05

12-23-05 - Daschle: Congress Didn't OK Spying Authority

12-23-05 - Families of four foreign hostages in Iraq issue joint appeal

12-23-05 - U.S. Resurfaces Opposition to International Court

12-23-05 - Iranian official proposes int'l committee to clarify Holocaust

12-23-05 - Showdown over Iran atom drive looms despite new talks

12-23-05 - UN reaches budget deal clearing way for reforms Neil also insisted there was no linkage in the deal between implementing reforms and U.N. funding for the second half of 2006. The additional funding would depend on Annan's recommendation, he said.
But Bolton insisted the linkage, though not in writing, would be clear if reforms were not enacted and U.N. funding ran out.

12-23-05 - Syria "terrorising" Arab regimes: Lebanese Druze leader

12-23-05 - Iran sees 'diplomatic victory' in nuclear talks

12-23-05 - FBI Talks to Muslim High School Student about "PLO" Initials on His Notebook "the agents asked the student to recount an incident that had occurred two years earlier in a math class. He told the agents that his teacher had reprimanded him for having scrawled the letters ?PLO' on his binder. The teacher said that anyone who supported the PLO was a terrorist."

12-23-05 - Congress gives Israel defense money The allocation, $150 million more than the White House request, passed the House of Representatives Thursday as part of the Defense Appropriations Bill. The measure passed the Senate Wednesday. The earmark includes $133 million for the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System, $37.4 million for the LITENING Targeting and Navigation Pod, $22 million for Reactive Armor tiles for Bradley fighting vehicles and $17 million for the ITALD aircraft decoy system.

12-23-05 - Report: IDF doctor says Dirani rape claim backed by evidence Channel 1 television on Wednesday reported than Israel Defense Forces doctor who examined kidnapped Lebanese guerrilla leader Mustafa Dirani found physical evidence to back his charge that he was raped.


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