The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

News for 12-19-05

12-19-05 - Diplomats say Iran laying groundwork for uranium enrichment

12-19-05 - Lebanon shuts special border crossing with Syria The move comes amid tension between the two neighbours following the murder in Lebanon on Monday of prominent anti-Syrian journalist Gibran Tueni.

12-19-05 - Iran president bans Western music

12-19-05 - Anti-Syrian Lebanese brace against Damascus 'terrorism'

12-19-05 - Gulf summit raps Israel, not Iran on nuclear issue

12-19-05 - Little optimism ahead of EU-Iran nuclear talks

12-19-05 - Gulf Arab leaders talk tough on Iran and Syria

12-19-05 - European-Israeli honeymoon this change also stems from - perhaps mainly from ? the fact that European governments now face the same terrorist threats and violence at home and abroad. This has caused them for the first time to feel some solidarity with Israel.

12-19-05 - Holocaust II and the neocon conspiracy

12-19-05 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Israel next month German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit Israel next month, the government said Sunday, on a trip meant in part to signal solidarity following recent anti-Israel outbursts by the president of Iran.


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