The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, December 23, 2005

News for 12-22-05

12-22-05 - House OKs Five-Week Patriot Act Extension

12-22-05 - Rumsfeld vague on Iraq deployment cuts

12-22-05 - US lawsuit could dent global war-contractor boom

12-22-05 - US raises pressure on UN to change Bolton, an outspoken critic of the UN, has suggested adopting an interim three-month budget that would keep the pressure on for a package of changes. True to Bolton's Israel-first agenda, some of the changes involve doing away with Palestinian Human Rights Committees, as well as others devoted to Palestinian issues.

12-22-05 - US judge resigns over Bush's domestic spying authorization: report

12-22-05 - Group meets to discuss North African Jews A group that is pushing for restitution for Jews who fled Arab countries wants to preserve Jewish sites in the Muslim world.

12-22-05 - UK seals $90b jet fighter deal with Saudi Arabia

12-22-05 - Israel trusts in BMD against Iran threat Israeli military commanders are confident their multi-arrayed anti-ballistic missile defense system can shoot down any nuclear-armed Iranian missiles aimed at their country.

12-22-05 - US halts Arabic magazine meant to boost US image the efforts have been hampered because many Arabs strenuously object to U.S. foreign policies, particularly over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iraq war.

12-22-05 - Egypt Opposition Leader Denies Holocaust


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