The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

News for 12-26-05

12-26-05 - Iran says does not need permission for nuclear work

12-26-05 - No Date Is Set for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

12-26-05 - Christian communities in Syria celebrate the Christmas

12-26-05 - "Israel is the reason behind Iraq war"

12-26-05 - 'Democracy,' Iraqi-Style

12-26-05 - How Stands the Empire? by Patrick J. Buchanan

12-26-05 - Israel's War Deadline Iran in the Crosshairs All top Israeli officials have pronounced the end of March, 2006, as the deadline for launching a military assault on Iran. The thinking behind this date is to heighten the pressure on the US to force the sanctions issue in the Security Council. The tactic is to blackmail Washington with the "war or else" threat, into pressuring Europe (namely Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia) into approving sanctions.

12-26-05 - Report: Shin Bet sets up 'Chinese unit' An academic paper submitted by a senior Shin Bet official studying at Derby University revealed that Israel?s internal intelligence agency has launched a unit specializing in China.

12-26-05 - U.S. national menorah lit The U.S. homeland security secretary helped light the National Menorah in Washington. So it's only the Christmas symbols that can't be displayed on govt property?

12-26-05 - Israel, Arab World Engage in Hidden Trade Experts say the camouflaged trade, with just a small portion receiving publicity, has been going on for years between Israel and its officially hostile Arab neighbors.


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