The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 15, 2005

News for 12-14-05

12-14-05 - Bush takes blame for Iraq war on bad intelligence

12-14-05 - US counts on Iraqis to rebuff Iran 'meddling'

12-14-05 - Bush says Iran a 'real threat'

12-14-05 - US wants to work with EU on broader Iran agenda The United States and Europe should advance an agenda for Iran in 2006 that includes more funding for civil society groups and other initiatives to reach out to the Iranian people, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.

12-14-05 - Iran dismisses idea of US security guarantees

12-14-05 - US' Rice says Iran is a problem that must be dealt with Iran has become a problem for Middle East stability on several fronts that the international community will have to address, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.

12-14-05 - UK rejects independent inquiry into July 7 bombs The Home Office said an independent probe could prejudice continuing investigations into the attack and that the government had to focus first on thwarting future threats

12-14-05 - New document suggests Pentagon spying on peace activists

12-14-05 - Lieberman's 'War Cabinet' Forget partisan loyalties: the neocons are loyal to one thing and one thing only

12-14-05 - 100,000 gather for funeral of murdered editor in Beirut Game theory: divide peoples of nation-states and keep them at brink of civil war so that they are less of a threat. See this happen in Iraq, Palestine, now Lebanon and possibly Syria.

12-14-05 - Posters call for race riots Inflammatory posters calling for New Zealanders to show "white power" and riot Australian-style are being pasted up at Wellington railway stations.

12-14-05 - Bush can settle CIA leak riddle, Novak says

12-14-05 - Syrians defiant as accusations mount

12-14-05 - Bush: Don?t blame Israel for Iraq Days ago, Bush himself cited Israel's security as the reason for the push for democracy in the ME.

12-14-05 - Documentary explores Iraq-Nazi link "Saddam and the Third Reich," which will first be broadcast Sunday on the History Channel, will be repeated throughout the Saddam Hussein trial.

12-14-05 - Iranian President Calls Holocaust a 'Myth'

12-14-05 - Preach Peace, Sami; Get Truthful, Tribune and Prosecutors Much more important: Is it just a little bit possible that if some of the oceans of money and time you federal hot-shots wasted chasing Al-Arian had been spent looking for real terrorists, maybe 9/11 wouldn't have happened? My sentiments exactly.

12-14-05 - Al-Arian's Near Total Acquittal Raises More Questions Than It Answers Evidence that the prosecution and media persecution of Al-Arian was an Israeli operation from the get-go continues to mount. In reporting the verdict, the Jerusalem Post wrote, "Israel has played a major role in the prosecution, providing countless documents regarding the conduct of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad... ."

12-14-05 - Hannity?s Hypocrisy: Criticizing Colleges For Taking Money From Saudi Prince Who Funds Fox

12-14-05 - President of European Jewish Congress Calls for Sanctions Against Iran


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