The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, December 16, 2005

News for 12-15-05

12-15-05 - Bush: Saddam ouster was correct, despite bad info

12-15-05 - EU Grows Impatient With Iran Over Nukes

12-15-05 - Failed Iran-EU nuclear talks could get Russian to back hardline

12-15-05 - UN struggles to complete text on Lebanon murders

12-15-05 - UN Mulls Resolution to Expand Hariri Probe

12-15-05 - Congress Expects Up to $1B Wartime Request The Pentagon is in the early stages of drafting a wartime request for up to $100 billion more for Iraq and Afghanistan, lawmakers say, a figure that would push spending related to the wars toward a staggering half-trillion dollars.

12-15-05 - Lebanese Shout Insults at Syria

12-15-05 - Probe of Ex-Lebanon PM's Death Extended U.S. Ambassador John Bolton praised the resolution, which was adopted unanimously, saying "the United States believes it sends a strong signal to Syria that we still require full and unconditional compliance." ...Under pressure from Moscow, Beijing and Algiers, the co-sponsors backed away from their original resolution that would have immediately expanded the investigation to include a series of other terrorist attacks

12-15-05 - Syria's cooperation with UN probe improved -Mehlis

12-15-05 - American victims of Beirut blast to seek redress in Europe American victims of the 1983 bombing of the US embassy in Beirut said on Thursday they were planning to take legal action against Iran through European courts following a similar case that has already resulted in the freezing of Iranian assets held in a Rome bank account.

12-15-05 - Film relives horror of Lebanese camp massacres Several mention that Israeli army officers conferred with the militia's leaders in Beirut on the eve of the massacres. Unlike massacres in some other conflicts, the perpetrators of Sabra and Shatila have not been brought to justice.

12-15-05 - Malaysian: U.S. Scheming on Iran, Syria Malaysia's former prime minister accused the U.S. Thursday of scheming to invade Iran and Syria, and said the Iranian president's recent statements against Israel are providing Washington the excuse.

12-15-05 - Pentagon accused of spying on Americans ?It means that they?re actually collecting information about who?s at those protests, the descriptions of vehicles at those protests,? says Arkin. ?On the domestic level, this is unprecedented,? he says. ?I think it's the beginning of enormous problems and enormous mischief for the military.?

12-15-05 - Jewish charity never got Abramoff gift The gift was reported in 2002, the newspaper reported. Abramoff faces a multitude of investigations, some of them checking allegations that he laundered political gifts through charities.

12-15-05 - Search goes on for missing Christian peace workers

12-15-05 - Hamas says will step up attacks if Israel hits Iran

12-15-05 - Israel Fears It Is Zarqawi's Next Target

12-15-05 - Busharon The Israelis have also obliged recently, providing legal advice to the U.S. State Department on how to justify assassinations. Israeli military trainers have passed on the lessons of Jenin and Nablus to the Marines in Falluja. Lest you think the Israelis stingy, they don't limit their largesse to the federal government. They are now spreading their anti-terrorism gospel to every town and city police chief in the U.S. Charleston, South Carolina breathes easier, thanks to the knowledge gleaned from Israel by their Sheriff Cannon (I did not make that up), who is in charge of port security there.

12-15-05 - Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says Saddam Hussein moved his chemical weapons to Syria six weeks before the war started, Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom says. The BS-o-meter just broke.

12-15-05 - Hawke urges US to address Palestinian statehood Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke on Thursday said that the fight against terrorism will not succeed unless the United States leads efforts to create a viable Palestinian state.

12-15-05 - Civil Rights Groups Question FBI Interrogation of Muslim Student A pair of area civil rights groups are angry after discovering a Muslim Elk Grove high school student was taken out of class and questioned by FBI agents over a doodle on his binder two years ago

12-15-05 - The Mid-East's beleaguered Christians Though they have made few converts in the Middle East, the evangelical churches are an influential part of President Bush's political constituency in the United States.

12-15-05 - Israel Troubled by Bush's Priorities The Israelis and their supporters in the U.S. fear that Washington's need for Tehran's cooperation in stabilizing Iraq and thus permitting most U.S. forces there to withdraw over the next year has weakened the administration's leverage to push for stronger action against Iran on the nuclear issue, even as it continues to insist that Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability is "unacceptable."

12-15-05 - Russia Blasts Iranian Remarks on Holocaust, Israel

12-15-05 - Former Israel Chief of Staff sued in U.S Courts

12-15-05 - Former IDF chief sued in U.S. court for his role in Kafr Kana shelling Ya'alon is currently in Washington D.C. as a research fellow at the Washington Institute. He is scheduled to give a lecture on lessons learned during the war against terror at a conference on Thursday night.


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