The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

News for 12-12-05

12-12-05 - Syria Eyed in Death of Lebanese Editor A previously unknown group claimed responsibility, but suspicion quickly settled on Syria Imagine, an anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist gets car-bombed on the very day that the UN report on the Hariri assassination is to be delivered, what a coincidence! Either the Syrians are REALLY REALLY stupid, and want further action taken against them by the US, OR they are being set up.

12-12-05 - Beirut car bomb kills MP Tueni and three others

12-12-05 - Diplomats seek clues on hostages Diplomats in Iraq are trying to discover the fate of British hostage Norman Kember and his three colleagues.

12-12-05 - New evidence implicates Syria in Hariri death: UN "That is not cooperation," the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, told reporters, after reading sections of the report. "That is obstruction of justice by the government of Syria." He said no decision had been made on further action in the council. Neocon Bolton gets to decide these matters?

12-12-05 - Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence

12-12-05 - Syria says Lebanon blast aimed at damaging Damascus "Syria is pained over the bombings and assassinations that target the security of Lebanon," the statement on SANA said, describing allegations that Damascus had a role in the attacks as a further attempt to strain Syrian-Lebanese relations.

12-12-05 - The Syrian Gambit Unravels The utter absurdity of UN Security Council resolution 1363 ? which calls on Syria to cooperate fully with an international commission investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri or face possible "further action" ? can be easily seen if we imagine that the UN had taken a similar interest in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Picture Lyndon Baines Johnson and top members of the U.S. government being called in by a United Nations "prosecutor" for questioning. It's interesting that the same American "conservatives" who waste no opportunity to show their disdain for the UN and would have risen in armed revolt if the UN had intervened in the Kennedy affair, are now upholding the UN's authority to "investigate" the murder of Hariri and pin it on Syria.

12-12-05 - ElBaradei Urges Iran Security Guarantee

12-12-05 - Battle brews over a bigger military role

12-12-05 - Bush admits Israel is the reason why we are 'spreading democracy' in the Middle East "Israel's long-term survival depends upon the spread of democracy in the Middle East."
Bush confirms what I know to be true: we are in the Middle East, under the pretext of spreading democracy, for the benefit of Israel.

12-12-05 - Republican Jews to show war support

12-12-05 - A war and its fearsome consequences: How the world has changed post-Iraq President Bush said yesterday that 'the year 2005 will be a turning point in the history of freedom'. But since the start of the war the days have been littered with unintended consequences.

12-12-05 - Pro-Israelis love Bolton He's the best friend they could have. Too bad he doesn't appear to be working for America, eh?

12-12-05 - A dust storm over the Holocaust Mohamed ElBaradei, acknowledged during an address at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London last week that most of the issues on the Iran nuclear file have been resolved and "after three years, we need to bring this to a close". He expressed the hope that the IAEA's Iran file could be "concluded by next year".

12-12-05 - Defense Min. official: No plan to attack Iran 'at the moment'

12-12-05 - Iranian president sticks by anti-Israel comments

12-12-05 - Reporter's presence at interrogation session cited in terrorism case Judith Miller- she's everywhere neocons want to be

12-12-05 - 290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote in Iraqi Elections According to Hamida Al-Husseini, who is in charge of absentee ballots in the coming elections, even Iraqi Jews holding Israeli citizenship can vote


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