The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, August 03, 2007

News for 08-02-07

08-02-07 - Europe warns US on Iran sanctions

08-02-07 - U.S. military sees 'marked and increasing Iranian influence' among extremists in Iraq

08-02-07 - US marine guilty of Iraq murder

08-02-07 - Gates ends Mideast tour with call for pressure on Iran Gates said measures to enforce UN financial and trade sanctions were one avenue to squeeze Iran, but he also explored ideas for expanded military cooperation during three days of talks in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

08-02-07 - Lawmakers line up against Saudi deal More than 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter warning President Bush that they would try to stop his proposed sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.

08-02-07 - Murdoch?s Expanding Empire Seen as ?Ominous? ?Murdoch has a long and sordid history of discarding the accepted norms of honest journalism in order to advance his own political and corporate agenda,?

08-02-07 - Bush Officials May Face New Subpoenas Having the most senior members of the administration testify under oath about conversations with lobbyists in regard to classified information could shatter what is left from the anti-leak posture the administration has adopted in its early years.

08-02-07 - Black investigator has own shadowy past as a spy This isn't the first time that Juval Aviv, whose affidavit was the focus of much of yesterday's hearing for Conrad Black, has been caught up in larger-than-life events.

08-02-07 - Washington's Orwellian foreign policy maneuver

08-02-07 - Ageing infrastructure under scrutiny after bridge collapse The American Society of Civil Engineers warned in a report two years ago that between 2000 and 2003, more than 27 per cent of the nation's almost 600,000 bridges were rated as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

Hey I know. Let's attack Iran. Brilliant.

08-02-07 - Surplus aircraft parts sold Surplus parts for fighter jets used only by Iran were sold after the Pentagon supposedly had halted the sales.

08-02-07 - Romney backs away from Hezbollah citation Mitt Romney's campaign said Hezbollah was not a proper model for his vision of U.S. diplomacy, addressing a controversy arising from his earlier remarks.

08-02-07 - Edwards, Obama question Saudi arms sale Obama, like Edwards a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Israel's security was "paramount" in considering such a sale

08-02-07 - House: Press warrants in AMIA case A U.S. House of Representatives resolution called upon Interpol to implement the arrest warrants of six suspects in the deadly attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires.

08-02-07 - Two troops killed as Lebanese army battles Islamists

08-02-07 - Lebanon cleric bans honor killings Religious condemnation of the practice is rare and the office of Lebanon's top Sunni cleric said he did not recall any such fatwa being issued in the past. Religious leaders in neighboring Jordan have also remained silent on the issue

08-02-07 - Bush slaps assets ban on 'Lebanon's enemies' American President George W Bush has ordered a freeze on the US assets of anyone Washington accuses of undermining the Lebanese Government. Including Israel? Right.


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