The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, August 02, 2007

News for 08-01-07

08-01-07 - The Fear Factor by Rep. Ron Paul the loss of liberty resulting from the social psychology to which we continue to subject ourselves is not easily reversed. People who would have previously battled against encroachments on civil liberties now explain the "necessity" of those "temporary security measures" Franklin is said to have railed against.
Ron Paul is on par with the founding fathers of this nation. His candor and his refusal to pander to lobbies/special_interests makes him a true candidate of the people, a rarity in the good ole USA.

08-01-07 - US cuts Gulf aircraft presence

08-01-07 - Third of Iraqi children malnourished HUNGER and disease are spreading in Iraq as violence masks a deepening humanitarian crisis, British charity Oxfam said in a report today.

08-01-07 - White House says spying broader than known: report The Bush administration's top intelligence official has acknowledged that a controversial domestic surveillance program was only one part of a much broader spying effort, The Washington Post reported in its Wednesday edition.

08-01-07 - Murdoch: Bad for Journalism, Bad for Democracy With the purchase of the Dow Jones Co. and its flagship Wall Street Journal another vital voice is brought under the umbrella of one conglomerate ? and one man ? that already controls too much of what Americans see, hear and read every day.

08-01-07 - Army's 'Debt Of Service' Leaves Vets Perplexed

08-01-07 - The NYT's New Pro-War Propaganda "It would free up Washington's 'foreign policy agenda,' presumably allowing it to invade another country or two where American vital interests would be discovered. [Pollack's] narrative ? in essence an Israeli one ? is quite simple: deprived of the support of one of the Arab world?s most powerful nations, the Palestinians would be further weakened in their struggle against Israeli occupation." [See Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization] Neocon predicts consequences of his coveted war on Iraq before we went in.

08-01-07 - Oil prices pull back from record The price of a barrel of US light, sweet crude surpassed the previous high of $78.40 a barrel, seen in July 2006, before falling back to $76.53.

08-01-07 - German bank breaks ties with Iran Deutsche Bank joined the ranks of financial institutions breaking ties with Iran.

08-01-07 - Secretary Rice's Mideast mission: contain Iran

08-01-07 - Terrorists Are Everywhere by Philip Giraldi One of the most troublesome aspects of the Bush agenda is the conflation of a whole basket of groups with the terrorism menace even if they pose no actual danger to the U.S......there is no intelligence that suggests that al-Qaeda has any group or organization currently in place in the U.S. that might be capable of carrying out a major terrorist attack......Hezbollah and Hamas likewise do not threaten the United States and almost certainly have little to no capability to carry out an operation on this side of the Atlantic Ocean Philip Giraldi is a former CIA counterterrorism official. His Deep Background columns in The American Conservative make that mag well worth its weight in gold.

08-01-07 - Rice-Gates visit shows how much U.S., Saudi Arabia have drifted apart

08-01-07 - Syrians support helping end Iraq war Most Syrians favor working with the United States to seek an end to the Iraq war, yet also support financing Iraqi fighters and other Middle East groups the U.S. considers terrorists, according to a rare poll of Syrians released Wednesday.

08-01-07 - Iran says Israel abuses human rights Israel's "futile" attempt "to raise allegations against others' human rights situation is nothing but a preposterous, and indeed tired, practice to distract the international community's attention from its shameful human rights record," he said.

08-01-07 - Withdrawal from Iraq = Second Holocaust? The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a neocon "thinktank", one of many.

08-01-07 - The $63 Billion Sham Under the president, 80 percent of nations that received arms from America in 2003 were classified by the State Department as being either undemocratic or having a poor human rights record, which covers all the Arab countries in the new deal. Israel is a democracy, but in its 2006 country profile, the State Department cites a source that determined that 322 of 660 Palestinians killed by the Israeli military ?were not engaged in hostilities when killed and 141 were minors.?

08-01-07 - Cheney tells CNN he makes Bush's decisions And the "No Shit, Sherlock" award goes to...

08-01-07 - Romney cites Hezbollah as a model

08-01-07 - Syria's Assad repeats call for return of Golan Heights from Israel

08-01-07 - DOJ defends statute used in AIPAC case The Justice Department defended prosecutions under a statute it is using for the first time against two former AIPAC staffers.

08-01-07 - House passes Iran sanctions bills The American Israel Public Affairs Committee applauded its passage

08-01-07 - Netanyahu: Golan ours forever Keep dreaming. Sooner or later, the law will catch up with Israel. Won't be pretty.

08-01-07 - 51% of Syrians in favour of peace with Israel in exchange for Golan withdrawal

08-01-07 - Lebanese troops kill 4 militants Lebanese troops have battled al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic militants barricaded in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, killing at least four.

08-01-07 - Lebanese soldier killed as country marks Army Day A Lebanese soldier was killed Wednesday in battles with die-hard Islamists besieged in a seaside Palestinian refugee camp as the military marked Army Day.

08-01-07 - Israel ranks the US Presidential Candidates... Ron Paul evidently doesn't rank. That might be because Ron Paul is truly a representative of the AMERICAN people.


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