The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, July 28, 2007

News for 07-27-07

07-27-07 - US angry over Saudi role in Iraq The US administration is deeply frustrated with Saudi Arabia over its role in Iraq, accusing the Saudis of trying to undermine the Baghdad government and failing to stem the flow of volunteers joining the insurgency there, the New York Times reported on Friday.

07-27-07 - Russia's Gorbachev says U.S. is sowing world disorder Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev criticized the United States, and current President George W. Bush in particular, on Friday for sowing disorder across the world by seeking to build an empire.

07-27-07 - Dozens of Afghan civilians die in air raids: residents Dozens of civilians, including women and children, have been killed in two foreign air strikes in southern Afghanistan, residents and a local member of parliament said on Friday.

07-27-07 - US plays down talk of tension with Saudis According to the Times, the Saudis view Iraq's Shiite prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, as an agent of Iran and appear to have stepped up efforts to weaken his government, providing funding for Sunni groups.

07-27-07 - Rice, Gates face uphill battle to convince Saudis U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates travel to the Middle East next week seeking Arab support to stabilize Iraq but they may face an uphill battle from Saudi Arabia.

07-27-07 - Arm chair generals help shape surge in Iraq The emergence of AEI as a power player on Iraq belies the notion that neo-conservatives are on the decline in Washington. AEI brags an impressive roster of neo-con thinkers. Former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, an Iraq war architect, arrived at AIE this summer, joining such prominent conservatives as John Bolton, David Frum and Michael Ledeen.

07-27-07 - Oil price climbs on rising demand

07-27-07 - Bid to punish Bush aides may fail

07-27-07 - Fred Thompson, Neocon The neoconservatives are not riding high these days. Not so.

07-27-07 - Soldiers die in Lebanese clashes

07-27-07 - Neoconservatism Is Dead It is not, not when the Bush administration is still taking its cues from neocon outfits such as the AEI, as one example.

07-27-07 - Israel urges 'damaging' Iran sanctions Israel is anxious that the international community has "taken its eye off the ball" in the effort to ratchet up economic and diplomatic pressure on the Islamic Republic, while the nuclear program speeds relentlessly ahead, The Jerusalem Post has been told.

07-27-07 - Bush signs ports bill with boycott clause A bill increasing scrutiny over foreign purchases of American ports signed by President Bush includes a provision targeting the Arab boycott of Israel.

07-27-07 - US to fund defense systems for Israel The new system would be used in addition to Israel's existing sophisticated 'Arrow' system, a project the US continues to fund.
On Thursday the House Appropriations Committee voted to give Israel an additional $70 million in defense aid beyond the $80 million requested by the administration.
Are our men in Iraq being given the best equipment there is? Why are we continuing to fund Israel defense projects when their economy is booming and ours continues to tank? Outrageous.

07-27-07 - Senate approves increased funding for non-profits A significant portion of $50 million allocated for 2005 and 2006 went to Jewish institutions. In the past, federal funds have been used by non-profits for security enhancements, such as concrete barriers.

07-27-07 - Miliband says UK needs U.S. alliance to secure goals Miliband denied suggestions by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, reported by Britain's Guardian newspaper on Thursday, that London had expanded links with the Palestinian Islamist group.

07-27-07 - U.S. plans big arms sale to Saudi Arabia: report ** the proposal for advanced weapons for Saudi Arabia has stoked concern in Israel and among its U.S. backers, the Times said......Senior officials, including State Department and Pentagon officials who outlined the deals' terms, told the Times they thought the Bush administration had resolved those concerns, partly by offering Israel more than $30 billion in military aid over the next 10 years, which would be a significant increase over recent levels.....The Times said officials described the plan as intended to bolster Gulf countries' militaries in a bid to contain Iran's growing strength in the region, as well as to demonstrate Washington's commitment to its Arab allies.

07-27-07 - U.S. to expand aid in Mideast The comprehensive regional aid-and-weapons package is meant to compensate Israel for the sale of U.S. weapons to countries Israel considers potential enemies. But those sales are nonetheless certain to draw opposition from pro-Israeli organizations and human rights organizations.

07-27-07 - Obama would talk up Israel with Iran "If I sit down with a leader of Iran, I will send them a strong message that Israel is our friend and that we will assist in their security and that we don?t find nuclear weapons acceptable," Obama said in a conference call Thursday.


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