The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 23, 2007

News for 07-22-07

07-22-07 - MPs criticise map used in Iran crisis A British map of the northern Gulf where Iran seized 15 naval personnel in March was not as accurate as it should have been and Britain was fortunate Iran did not contest it, a review into the crisis said on Sunday.

07-22-07 - More Iran sanctions not before September: diplomats

07-22-07 - Iran smuggling missiles to Iraq: US The US military says its troops have found Chinese-made missiles it believes were smuggled into Iraq by groups in Iran to arm insurgents fighting American-led forces.

07-22-07 - DeFazio Asks, But He?s Denied Access ?I just can?t believe they?re going to deny a member of Congress the right of reviewing how they plan to conduct the government of the United States after a significant terrorist attack,?

07-22-07 - Senate Tells Bush Not to Pardon Libby In the heat of a partisan spat, Democrats forced a vote on a nonbinding measure to instruct President Bush not to pardon former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. But there's no record of the 47-49 vote in the daily record of congressional proceedings ? or anywhere else.

07-22-07 - Bush's Next War of Aggression unlike an invasion of Iran, an invasion of Pakistan ? resulting in Musharraf being killed or deposed ? could easily result in nukes being used, not all of them ours.

07-22-07 - USS Liberty survivor assails former Navy lawyer's view Cristol seeks to discredit our eyewitness accounts by maligning our motives and falsely claiming Arab financing and influence.....The false accounts of our opponents illustrate once again why we survivors have sought for 40 years to have a full, complete, open investigation where we can testify under oath.

07-22-07 - Iran: No secret arms deal with Syria Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Sunday dismissed as a "media game" recent reports of a secret arms deal with Syria allegedly made in return for an agreement that Damascus would not hold peace talks with Israel

07-22-07 - Three Lebanese soldiers killed by die-hard camp militants Three Lebanese soldiers were killed Sunday in sporadic gunfire between the army and Islamist militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp.

07-22-07 - Israel: Hezbollah hiding arms among civilians Hezbollah is hiding rockets in southern Lebanon among civilians to avoid detection by Israel and U.N. troops, the Israeli army said.


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