The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, June 28, 2007

News for 06-27-07

06-27-07 - Iran helping to plan attacks in Iraq - US Iran is training fighters in Iraq and helping to plan attacks there despite diplomatic pressure for change, U.S. officials said on Wednesday Making the case for war.

06-27-07 - White House, Cheney's Office, Subpoenaed The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney's office Wednesday for documents relating to President Bush's warrant-free eavesdropping program.

06-27-07 - Iran not keeping its word on stabilizing Iraq: US

06-27-07 - House panel passes Iran restrictions The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a bill to tighten sanctions against Iran.

06-27-07 - Rep. Tancredo: Let Ron Paul Into Forum "The Republican party is better because he is one of us and he has earned the right to be in all presidential forums and debates."

06-27-07 - Senate Republicans Block Conference on Lobbying Overhaul Legislation Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has blocked appointment of Senate conferees on the stalled lobbying bill, casting doubt on the future of the biggest overhaul of ethics and lobbying legislation in a dozen years.

06-27-07 - Clinton, Richardson fault policy on Iran Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Richardson on Wednesday urged the Bush administration to continue a dialogue with Iran as the U.S. tries to thwart the country's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

06-27-07 - Anti-Lieberman rally contrasts with film ** "Lieberman heard we're coming so he moved to Stamford Friday," quipped Heller, a West Haven native. "The point is we are demonstrating against his calls for an attack on Iran." .....Lieberman acknowledged that "people are getting restless" but said foreign policy should not be made on the basis of public opinion polls. Oh? What should foreign policy be made on then? The security of a foreign nation?

06-27-07 - Lawyers Make Final Plea To Save Libby From Jail

06-27-07 - Tom Lantos, Warmonger ** Americans oppose an attack on Iran 2-to-1. By almost every measure, they want negotiations, rather than confrontation, with Tehran. Yet the House Foreign Affairs Committee recently gave its approval to a bill that, in effect, would fire the first shot at the Iranians, imposing draconian sanctions similar to those enacted against Iraq in the run-up to the invasion and occupation of that country Lantos is one of Israel's top agents on Capitol Hill. I would expect nothing less from him.

06-27-07 - Murdoch expects Dow Jones decision within weeks Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch says he has no plans to raise his $6 billion bid for media group Dow Jones and expects final approval from the controlling Bancroft family within two to three weeks, "if at all". Murdoch is owner of Fox News (neocon central).

06-27-07 - Russia argues against US missile base plans

06-27-07 - Neoconned Again? by Philip Giraldi ** Many of the advocates of a muscular policy against countries regarded as outside the pale or perceived as a threat to Israel come from the same circle of neoconservatives, "resident scholars," and sound-bite experts who move seamlessly from think-tank to advocacy group to academia and back again.

06-27-07 - Bush to name Muslim nations envoy The role of the envoy will be to bolster relations between the Muslim world and the US. The single greatest move toward that end would be getting the Israelis out of our government(foreign policy).

06-27-07 - Bolton: Stop Iran by force ** The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said the American approach to Iran is doomed to failure and that force is necessary.
I'm afraid Bolton is under the impression that anyone actually gives a rat's about his opinion and his love for a nation other than this one.

06-27-07 - Mubarak sees no Israel-Syria war Hosni Mubarak played down speculation that a war between Israel and Syria could be imminent.

06-27-07 - Congressional letter urges UNIFIL empowerment "We write with serious concern over the continuing illegal transfer of arms to the Hezbollah terrorist organization across the Syrian-Lebanese border," said the letter initiated by Reps. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Steve Israel (D-N.Y.). Which has ZERO to do with American national interests.

06-27-07 - Bush Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran? ** Long.

06-27-07 - House panel wants information on Americans' killers A key Congressional committee approved a bill requiring regular reviews of Palestinian efforts to catch the killers of three Americans murdered on a diplomatic mission in Gaza. But they do NOTHING about those Americans that ISRAEL has killed.

06-27-07 - Lugar: Arab-Israeli conflict, oil, key in Iraq "Credibility and sustainability of our actions depend on addressing the two elephants in the room of U.S. Middle East policy: the Arab-Israeli conflict and U.S. dependence on Persian Gulf oil," Lugar said. "These are the two problems that our adversaries, especially Iran, least want us to address." Add Lugar to the list of true patriots.

06-27-07 - Giuliani: Retreat from Iraq will create Gaza situation Telling the audience at a Maryland synagogue that Israelis and Americans are now bound in the same war against Islamic militants, Giuliani stressed the need to be "on offense against terrorism" to warm applause.

06-27-07 - Bolton: I'm 'very worried' for Israel Bolton said he was "very worried" about the well-being of Israel. If he were in Israel's predicament, he said, "I'd be pushing the US very hard. I am pushing the US [administration] very hard, from the outside, in Washington." Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

06-27-07 - Likud Leader Looks the Part of Prime Minister on Tour of Washington The discussions this week ostensibly focused on the need to block Iran?s nuclear program by using economic sanctions and divestment. But for Netanyahu, who is soaring in Israeli polls, the talks about divestment from Iran had a distinctly forward-looking bent. "It is important for Israel that whoever leads the United States in the future will be supportive of these actions," Netanyahu said following his meetings in Washington.

06-27-07 - Former Ambassadors Call on DNC to Remove Jimmy Carter The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) today sent a letter signed by six former U.S. ambassadors to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, asking him to remove former President Jimmy Carter from his position as Honorary Chairman of Democrats Abroad, an arm of the DNC.

06-27-07 - Excluding U.S. from peace process could help Middle East settlement - Zhirinovsky Someone benefits from this continuing conflict. "It mainly benefits the U.S. because it allows them to interfere in the situation. The point is that it is a region with enormous oil and gas deposits," he said.

06-27-07 - Global opinion increasingly wary of major powers: survey Pew said support for the UN was strong in sub-Saharan Africa, but strikingly negative in the Middle East, especially Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, the Palestinian Territories and Israel. Nearly 70 percent of people in the Palestinian Territories, where the UN has long played a role, had a poor view of the institution, and 27 percent saw it favorably.

06-27-07 - 'Safe haven' for trapped refugees in Lebanon battle camp A safe haven has been set up inside a bombed-out refugee camp in Lebanon for civilians trapped by almost 40 days of fighting between the army and Islamist militiamen, a Palestinian camp official said.

06-27-07 - Lebanese PM says Syria sending arms across border Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora accused Syria on Wednesday of sending arms to Palestinian camps in his country and said he would raise the issue with the Arab League.

06-27-07 - Does Tony Blair bring baggage or assets to his new role? some of Olmert's advisers are believed to see a Blair appointment as dangerous. Bush until now has been unquestionably pro-Israel, but he also trusts Blair implicitly. The worry is that Blair could nudge Bush into pressuring Israel into making security concessions to allow greater freedom of movement for the Palestinians......Although nominally answerable to the entire Quartet, Wolfensohn took his orders from Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. secretary of state. That left him subject to the machinations of Elliott Abrams, the deputy national security adviser who is the Bush administration's last word on Israel issues, and who has resisted any concessions to the Palestinians.

06-27-07 - Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto Show 6-26-07 Neil Cavuto desperately tries to make Paul out to be the bad guy here. He failed.

06-27-07 - Jewish ophthalmologist helps Syrians improve their vision "I was worried that there would be a safety issue, and there wasn?t," said the doctor, whose wife, Tilly, accompanied him to the Middle East. "Truthfully, I would be more afraid going to Israel, where there is violence."


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