The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, April 06, 2007

News for 04-05-07

04-05-07 - Iran again rejects suspension of uranium project

04-05-07 - Blair suspects Iran's hand in Iraq attacks ** Tony Blair today warned that "elements of the Iranian regime" were arming insurgents in Iraq after it was confirmed four British troops were killed in Basra last night.

04-05-07 - US secretary of defense says Iranian detainees will not be released

04-05-07 - US backing 'secret war' against Iran? **

04-05-07 - Rice trying to dodge hearing on Iraq-Niger documents

04-05-07 - "Sky News: Sailors Were 'Intelligence Gathering'" The captain in charge of the 15 marines detained in Iran has said they were gathering intelligence on the Iranians.

04-05-07 - Kuwaiti media: U.S. to attack Iran by end of April ** Citing anonymous sources in Washington, the Times said that various White House departments have already started preparing the political speech, which will be delivered by the U.S. president later this month, announcing the military attack on Iran.

04-05-07 - Russia deems Iran's defense system strong enough ** Iran has a strong air defense potential to resist possible U.S. air strikes, a senior Russian military official told a news conference on Thursday.

04-05-07 - Iran sanctions boost civil nuclear disaster risk, report says

04-05-07 - Relocation of Arabs from Kirkuk could trigger violence

04-05-07 - Rice does not rule out meeting with Iranian counterpart

04-05-07 - US Navy steps up vigilance after Britain-Iran standoff **

04-05-07 - Who will bite first, the U.S. or Iran? ** On the other hand, the operation may not begin on April 6, despite the "telling signs" detected mainly by Russian military experts and the General Staff. One of the reasons is that there is no time left for the U.S. to speak about the "inevitability" of confrontation and warn Iran of the impending doom. I am referring to the requisite "demoralization stage," which is not part of the rules accepted in the civilized world. The Pentagon usually carries out pre-war demoralization preparations because they can reduce potential casualties

04-05-07 - Bush bypasses Congress on envoy pick Fox also led a fund-raising campaign to pay for the recent legal defense of Lewis ?Scooter? Libby, a former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney.

04-05-07 - U.N.: U.S. offers refuge to Palestinians Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, said Thursday no specific country has offered to receive Palestinian refugees in Iraq, "but I know the United States confirmed it can take 7,000 of them."

04-05-07 - Relatives of Interned Japanese-Americans Side With Muslims

04-05-07 - Hang Up on War The website,, lists step-by-step instructions on how to recoup the telephone tax rebate, and recommends donating it to charity.

04-05-07 - Report: Israeli concerns stall Saudi arms deal "Israel has expressed concern that this proposal could affect" its qualitative military edge over its antagonists, a Defense Department official was quoted as saying. "We don't want to go to Congress until we've got everybody on board."

04-05-07 - USS Nimitz Forced Iran's Decision The announcement Wednesday by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that his government would release the 15 captured British sailors and marines came after an intense and often bitter internal debate, sources in Tehran told NewsMax.

04-05-07 - U.S. congressman meets Syrian president Congressman Darrell Issa (news, bio, voting record) of California said President Bush had failed to promote the dialogue that is necessary to resolve disagreements between the United States and Syria.

04-05-07 - Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party ** by Philip Giraldi The apparent shift in course should be greeted with relief by all those who want to avoid yet another preemptive conflict, but assurances from neoconservatives that war is no longer the preferred option for dealing with Iran should be viewed cautiously and even as disinformation intended to defuse opposition......Our Iran policy is heavily influenced by the Israel lobby, and the Democrats have long been closely linked to Israel for a number of reasons The Israeli lobby decides who our #1 enemies are.

04-05-07 - Might Iran deal on nukes, too?

04-05-07 - Israelis want rematch in Lebanon ** The difference this time around? The IDF will go into Gaza, too -- and it is all part of a plan to neutralize Iranian proxies on Israel's borders, one element of a strategic effort to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons and overthrow the mullahs in Tehran. The plan was laid out in Washington last month by Effie Eitam, a hawkish former general and darling of the orthodox hard right who now leads a small religious splinter group in the Knesset....Eitam said that a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq 'before defeating the Iranian regime ... (would have) enormous strategic consequences.'

04-05-07 - The 911 Mystery Plane In previous years the military always staged Global Guardian in October or November; and the 2001 exercise was likewise originally scheduled for October, according to various reports.[15] Curiously, however, for reasons never disclosed, the Joint Chiefs changed the plan and conducted the 2001 exercise during the week of September 11. The following year the date reverted back. The 2002 Global Guardian came off in October, as in previous years, and this has continued to be the case.[16]

04-05-07 - Aipac Prosecutor Caught Up in Justice Department Scandal The deputy attorney general is no longer the lead prosecutor in the case. But if McNulty were to leave under a cloud, it could lend ammunition to efforts by the defense team and some officials at other Jewish organizations to paint the prosecution as a politically biased effort.

04-05-07 - First They Came for the Spies The title of Dorothy Rabinowitz's Wall Street Journal screed defending two accused spies, "First They Came for the Jews," telegraphs the strategy apologists for Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman will be using when the two AIPAC officials' trial on charges of espionage, scheduled for June 4, finally begins. It is also a smear so outrageous it almost defies belief. As we inch ever closer to the trial date, we can expect such hysteria from the usual corners. It harkens back to that piece in the Washington Post that smeared Patrick Fitzgerald just prior to the Libby trial. It's the shrill cry/whine of the lobby when its balls are pinned to the wall after having been called out on its criminal behavior. That this whining is once again given prominent placement in our mainstream media is more evidence of the power of this lobby.

04-05-07 - Israel denies sending message to Syria Ehud Olmert's office denied that Israel relayed a message to Syria via Nancy Pelosi accepting Syrian calls to renew peace negotiations.

04-05-07 - Foxman: Ki-moon understands Israel's plight At Thursday's meeting, which came on the heels of the U.N. Secretary-General?s visit to the Middle East, Ban discussed with ADL National Director Abraham Foxman his understanding of Israel?s situation

04-05-07 - Ban meets with AJCommittee U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with American Jewish Committee leaders. The US Israeli lobby is working hard on Ban Ki-Moon, the new UN Secretary General. They'll do anything to see to it that no legal body criticizes Israel.

04-05-07 - Syria, Hizbullah, Iran prepare in case of war ** The prospect of an attack by the United States against Iran has triggered a flurry of military activity around the Middle East as Tehran mobilizes its allies to prepare a defense. In a region where suspicion dominates and trust is rare, politicians and analysts warn, mounting tensions between the US and Iran could spark a war by accident.
You've got the Israelis saying that they want a second round with Hezbollah, and that might just be the necessary spark to engulf the entire region as the neocons have wanted all along.

04-05-07 - New legislation targeting Palestinians in the works in an alert to colleagues, Ros-Lehtinenâ??s staff made the goals of the expected bill explicit: â??To counter attempts by [Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the State Department] to deal with unity [government] and send assistance to non-Hamas members of unity government,â?? according to a memo by a top aid to the lawmaker. The Israeli lobby decides with whom our government officials will and will not meet.

04-05-07 - Cheney accuses Pelosi of "bad behavior" in Syria Cheney, pointing to the Israeli reaction, said it was obvious Olmert had not authorized the message Pelosi delivered.

04-05-07 - Israel stalls US arms sales to Saudis: report Israel decides to whom our government will or won't sell arms.

04-05-07 - Aipac Prosecution: Limited Access Is Constitutional: Claim Defense Attempting Graymail Prosecutors contend that the defense's objections amount to "graymail," a practice by which defendants try to undercut the prosecution by threatening the disclosure of highly classified information.


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