The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

News for 04-02-07

04-02-07 - Iran says all British sailors have 'confessed'

04-02-07 - Iran outlines conditions for release of UK sailors Iran's most senior diplomat, Ali Larijani, called for a "delegation" to rule on whether a British naval patrol entered Iranian waters last month before his government would release the 15 marines and sailors it is holding captive.

04-02-07 - Iran says no need to try British sailors** Meanwhile the USA has defended calling the 15 captives "hostages" and denied ramping up rhetoric towards Iran to set the stage for war."We reject any notion that suggests that we are ratcheting up the language in terms of trying to prepare to go to war with Iran. That is certainly not the case," said spokeswoman Dana Perino.

04-02-07 - UK 'shares Iran diplomacy desire'

04-02-07 - US ex-FBI man 'missing in Iran' The US government says it is asking Tehran for information about a former FBI agent thought to have gone missing in Iran several weeks ago.

04-02-07 - Merkel urges Syria to stop arms smuggling to Lebanon

04-02-07 - Iran planned to kidnap British sailors, say exiles

04-02-07 - Reduced sentence in works for Abramoff

04-02-07 - Call that humiliation?

04-02-07 - Israel nixes Iran attack reports** Ehud Olmert denied reports that Israel and the United States are planning a joint attack on Iran

04-02-07 - Privacy advocates fight for ground lost after 9/11

04-02-07 - US-based anti-Syrian group makes case to Washington The ALC expressed opposition to settling Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, "for this will lead to dangerous ramifications, especially since naturalizing the Palestinians in Lebanon will shake Lebanon's already precarious demographic make-up."

04-02-07 - Pelosi vows to get israeli soldiers back

04-02-07 - Report: Photos show Hezbollah rearming Israel provided the United Nations with satellite photos that it says prove Iran's involvement in rearming Hezbollah.

04-02-07 - The Ravings of James Woolsey James Woolsey, Bill Clinton's first CIA director, spoke on March 29 for an alarmist group of academics called the Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism. According to the Yale Daily News Woolsey blamed Americans as "enablers" of "anti-Semitism" for importing oil from Middle Eastern regimes and Jimmy Carter for contributing to the rise of U.S. anti-Semitism for writing a book on Israel and accusing it of instituting apartheid.

04-02-07 - Jerusalem Post readers support arsonists in NY synagogue fire


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