The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, April 01, 2007

News for 03-31-07

03-31-07 - Need outstrips beds for homeless vets

03-31-07 - Navy captives 'face legal action'

03-31-07 - Britain denies troops surrounded Iranian consulate in Basra and fired shots

03-31-07 - Bush attacks Iran over captives

03-31-07 - Iran warns Britain over politicising sailor crisis

03-31-07 - War with Iran unlikely if Gates has any say ** As a senior former U.S. intelligence official who worked with Gates said of him, "If Bob Gates is Secretary of Defense, we are not going to war with Iran.".....Gates is also on the record as being opposed to those in the White House and elsewhere in Washington who think the Iranian issue can best be resolved by working with Iranian dissidents to overthrow the current regime. We shall see if Gates' view prevails.

03-31-07 - Britain must correct attitude over captured sailors, Iran says

03-31-07 - Group Blasts Russian's White House Visit

03-31-07 - Is a U.S.-Iran War Inevitable? **

03-31-07 - Satterfield: Iraq oil law will pass

03-31-07 - Iran is a major topic at Arab League summit "We look forward to decreasing the signs of a dangerous confrontation between Iran and the West that would lead the whole region into the abyss,".....Egypt and Syria held a closed bilateral session Thursday where, officials said, envoys worked stealthily to wean Damascus from Tehran's sway.

03-31-07 - Former Iran president calls for healing Sunni-Shiite divide

03-31-07 - U.S. demands Syria release political prisoners

03-31-07 - Iran army chief warns of Israeli 'suicide attack' ** "The Zionists plan to carry out a suicide plot in the summer," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, Iran's armed forces joint chief of staff, as saying.

03-31-07 - Iraq endorses Arab relocation for Kirkuk Iraq's government has endorsed plans to relocate thousands of Arabs who were moved to Kirkuk as part of Saddam Hussein's campaign to force ethnic Kurds out of the oil-rich city, in an effort to undo one of the former dictator's most enduring and hated policies.

03-31-07 - UN agency sending staff back to Baghdad Guterres said he also was encouraged by their discussions on the need to improve the security situation for the thousands of Palestinian refugees in Iraq.

03-31-07 - U.N. chief: Arms crossing Syrian border Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz told Ban during a stop in Israel last weekend that the cease-fire in southern Lebanon is endangered by Hezbollah militants. He accused the Iranian- and Syrian-backed guerrillas of continuing to receive arms shipments from Syria. Lebanese leaders have rejected Israeli claims that weapon smuggling continues.

03-31-07 - UN chief vows to work for permanent Lebanon-Israel truce Israel has ignored UN complaints over its continuing violations of Lebanese airspace, saying overflights were necessary because of the arms being smuggled into Lebanon.

03-31-07 - John Gibson and Michelle Malkin Whip Up Frenzy Over Rosie O'Donnell and ABC

03-31-07 - Army shoots down reports of arms smuggling "There is no hard evidence of any kind that arms or terrorists or any prohibited items are being smuggled across the Lebanese-Syrian border, as we, along with the Internal Security Forces and Customs, have full control of the borders," Hajj repeatedly told reporters. "No weapons are being transferred to Palestinian camps either,"

03-31-07 - War created revolutionary change in region, Olmert says ?The influential Arab countries are beginning to understand that Israel is not their greatest concern; this marks a revolutionary change in their outlook,? the prime minister told fellow Kadima members during a Passover toast held at his official residence in Jerusalem.

03-31-07 - War Anniversary: Israel, Palestine Links Absent That vision, an Israeli one to the core, was often presented as exclusively American, most notably by the Project for the New American Century, established by leading neocons in 1997, the same individuals who vowed allegiance to Israel for many years. PNAC was the key group behind the war in Iraq

03-31-07 - Syrian ambassador keynotes ASU dinner

03-31-07 - Steven Emerson's Disturbing Track Record "Mr. Emerson's prime role is to whitewash Israeli governments and revile their critics,"

03-31-07 - The Fantasy of American Diplomacy in the Middle East

03-31-07 - Israeli PM says open to talks with Syria

03-31-07 - Israel Will be at War by Summer, Politician Says ** Dr. Eldad explained that Israel was facing a new strategic threat, caused in part by its own failure to deal a crushing blow to Hezbollah in Lebanon and the impression of weakness last summer's failed war created in the minds of Israel's enemies......Israel has "no choice" but to launch a pre-emptive war to destroy Hezbollah as an effective fighting force, he believes......Eldad is not suggesting economic or diplomatic "engagement," as the State Department might use the term. He is talking about having Israel's military take out Iranian nuclear and missile sites if the Western nations refuse to do the job......Like most Israeli leaders, Dr. Eldad would prefer that the United States and its partners take out Iranian nuclear and missile sites, if for no other reason than the vastly superior conventional firepower the U.S. could bring to bear. Why is it up to us to 'do the job'?


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