The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, March 24, 2007

News for 03-23-07

03-23-07 - Americans support the troops with food, soap, DVDs "It builds morale for the soldier just to receive something from back home," he says. "The soldiers want to know that someone else other than their family supports them."

03-23-07 - Iran accuses West of 'psychological war'

03-23-07 - Iran kidnaps Marines at gunpoint Last night, the British and Iranian governments were locked in a diplomatic row as the dispute escalated. Britain protested that its personnel had been " kidnapped" while Iranian state television insisted that UK service members were "under arrest" for entering Iranian territory.

03-23-07 - Iran accuses Britain over sailors Tehran had made a "firm protest" about the "illegal entry" in the Gulf by the UK personnel, an Iranian official said.

03-23-07 - Seizure occurs in long-contested waters Iranians and Iraqis have been squabbling over the waterway since before the creation of modern Iran and Iraq.......British forces overran the area in the early days of the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam and quickly reopened the port of Umm Qasr. Virtually all of Iraq's oil is exported through an oil terminal near the mouth of the waterway.

03-23-07 - Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against 'Carrier-Destroying' Missile A Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Russia also offered the missile to Iran, although there's no evidence a sale has gone through. In Iranian hands, the Sizzler could challenge the ability of the U.S. Navy to keep open the Strait of Hormuz, through which an estimated 25 percent of the world's oil traffic flows.

03-23-07 - U.S. sells missile shield with Cold War tactics: Russia

03-23-07 - White House urges patience on Iran

03-23-07 - US struggles to avert Turkish intervention in northern Iraq Abdullah Gul, Turkey's foreign minister, MPs, military chiefs and diplomats say up to 3,800 PKK fighters are preparing for attacks in south-east Turkey - and Turkey is ready to hit back if the Americans fail to act.

03-23-07 - Exclusive: Embassies in Teheran prepare escape plans ** According to foreign sources, foreign diplomats believe a possible attack would take place before the end of 2007.

03-23-07 - Oil prices leap on Gulf incident

03-23-07 - Defund the War by Rep. Ron Paul Even though the administration started the subsequent preemptive war in Iraq, Congress bears the greatest responsibility for its lack of courage in fulfilling its duties.

03-23-07 - UN set to vote on Iran sanctions President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will not be present because the US delayed issuing visas, Iranian officials say. The US has denied the claims.

03-23-07 - Bush calls for quick, unrestricted Iraq funding US President George W. Bush on Thursday urged lawmakers to approve his emergency spending request for Iraq in full and without restrictions on how it can be spent.

03-23-07 - Iran 'paying Iraqis' to attack Britons

03-23-07 - The rape of Iraq's oil According to documents obtained from the US State Department by BBC Newsnight under the US Freedom of Information Act, the US oil industry plan drafted early in 2001 for takeover of the Iraqi oilfields (after the removal of Saddam) was pushed aside by a secret plan, drafted just before the invasion in 2003, calling for the sell-off of all of Iraq's oilfields. This secret plan was crafted by neo-conservatives intent on using Iraq's oil to destroy the Opec cartel through massive increases in production above Opec quotas.

03-23-07 - Robert Fisk: The crushing fear that stalks America I flicked on the television in my Valdosta, Georgia, hotel room and there was a bejewelled lady on Fox TV telling American viewers that if "we" left Iraq, the "jihadists" would come after us. "They want a Caliphate that will take over the world," she shrieked about a report that two children had deliberately been placed in an Iraqi car bomb which then exploded. She ranted on about how Muslim "jihadists" had been doing this "since the 1970s in Lebanon". It was tosh, of course. Children were never locked into car bombs in Beirut - and there weren't any "jihadists" around in the Lebanese civil war of the 1970s. But fear had been sown.

03-23-07 - WPost Prints New Wilson/Plame Attack This new attack is contained in a column by right-wing pundit Robert D. Novak, who originally blew Plame?s CIA cover in July 2003 and has sought to add insult to the injury ever since.

03-23-07 - Report: Gates Tried to Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Prison But Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Vice President Dick Cheney opposed Gates, and Bush ended up on the side of keeping the prison open for the time being.

03-23-07 - Norwegian delegation to visit Iran Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Olav Akselsen, says the delegation wants to meet Iranian parlamentarians to discuss the nation's controversial nuclear program.

03-23-07 - Fleeing Iraqis creating refugee 'crisis'

03-23-07 - Cheney to address RJC Vice President Dick Cheney will address a Republican Jewish Coalition event Saturday night.

03-23-07 - Court affirms former professor's contempt citation Sami al-Arian also ended his two-month hunger strike in a North Carolina federal prison. He says a plea agreement exempts him from testifying before the grand jury.

03-23-07 - "Damned Proud" of Dead Arab Women and Children

03-23-07 - Just Whom Does Congress Represent? What did Pelosi say that so enraged the AIPAC audience? Here is Pelosi in here own words: "Any U.S. military engagement must be judged on three counts - whether it makes our country safer, our military stronger, or the region more stable. The war in Iraq fails on all three scores."


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