The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

News for 11-21-06

11-21-06 - Annan sees US 'trapped' in Iraq The US is effectively "trapped" in Iraq, with the prospect of staying in the country as problematic as pulling out, the head of the UN has said.

11-21-06 - Hersh: US Backs Kurdish Rebels in Iran He explained that Washington backed the PKK?s Iranian wing PEJAK in order to destabilize the Iranian administration.

11-21-06 - Selective Service: Ready for a draft Although Congress is unlikely to follow calls from a top Democrat to bring back the military draft, the United States does have a plan, if necessary, aimed at inducting millions of young men for service.

11-21-06 - U.S. Sets Up a Perch in Dubai to Keep an Eye on Iran

11-21-06 - War Supporters Must Face the Music by Jesse Jackson the American people have begun to understand the scope of the fiasco. They went to the polls to demand a change in course in Iraq. Bush dismissed Rumsfeld, leader of the neocons, and brought in the pros -- James Baker, Robert Gates -- from his father's administration. They, with the new Democratic leadership in the Congress, will have the impossible task of trying to extricate America, with as little damage as possible, from the mess the neocons got us into. The neocons and anyone else that contributed to one of the greatest deceptions in the history of America need to be brought to justice. We owe it to our men and their families.

11-21-06 - Military Data Reveal Tips on Antiwar Activities The head of the office that runs the military database, which is known as Talon, said Monday that material on antiwar protests should not have been collected in the first place.

11-21-06 - Elder Bush takes on son's Arab critics His son was snookered by the VP and his office-full of neocons.

11-21-06 - Lebanon mourns murdered minister BBC Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen says the assassination seems to have been designed to inflame sectarian tensions at a time when Lebanon was already going through a profound political crisis. Cui bono? - who benefits? - is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror.- Patrick J. Buchanan

11-21-06 - Oil prices rise on Opec cuts talk

11-21-06 - American foes step into the Iraq fray The US has repeatedly accused Iran and Syria of stirring up violence inside Iraq, but recently the notion of isolating them as punishment has lost favor in Washington. A growing number President Bush's advisers are urging direct dialogue with both nations. Not going to happen now, is it?

11-21-06 - Israel's Domestic Political Game Raises the Danger of a U.S.-Iran War ** One reason it won't be debated publicly because it's based on a fallacy promoted by a calculated campaign of hysteria by Israel's leadership

11-21-06 - Israel backers say no need to worry as Iraq Study Group prepares report

11-21-06 - Iraq and Syria restore relations Correspondents say Iraq hopes the move will help to stem a flow of militants across the border with Syria. What will the AIPACers do if they can't blame Syria for this? Wait a minute, wait a minute. What happened today.... in Lebanon..

11-21-06 - 'Israel should embrace, not fear, James Baker' In 1989, Baker also stunned many by telling an AIPAC conference that "now is the time to lay aside once and for all the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel. Israeli interests in the West Bank and Gaza, security and otherwise, can be accommodated in a settlement based on [UN Security Council] Resolution 242. Forswear annexation; stop settlement activity; allow schools to reopen; reach out to the Palestinian as neighbors who deserve political rights." Demand Israel abide by international law? The horror!

11-21-06 - Support Information Clearinghouse This man has many many videos and daily updates of news of Palestine, neocons, etc.

11-21-06 - Reid "can't afford not to (support israel)"

11-21-06 - The Geriatric Squad It has occurred to me that perhaps the real goal of the invasion of Iraq has already been accomplished. That is, the real goal all along might well have been to half-destroy the country and create chaos. A country in chaos is not a strong country. It's been taken out of the play. That might explain Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's statement that the Iraq invasion has contributed greatly to Israel's security.

11-21-06 - U.S. to address cluster bombs

11-21-06 - Netanyahu and the End Times In a congressional spinoff, the FBI and Justice Department are investigating claims of collusion between AIPAC and Rep. Jane Harman of California, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. In return for lobby support for her reappointment, Harman allegedly agreed to press the government to go easy on Rosen and Weissman


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