The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News for 10-16-06

10-16-06 - U.S. Intel: N. Korea Planning Another Nuke Test I know. Let's attack Iran.

10-16-06 - China may back coup against Kim

10-16-06 - Iran rejects U.N. stance on North Korea Iran's president said his country has no reservations about pursuing its nuclear ambitions despite the U.N. sanctions imposed on North Korea for its purported nuclear test.

10-16-06 - Iran leader in Bush 'Satan' claim

10-16-06 - Report: British universities to be asked to 'spy' on Muslim students

10-16-06 - Time to Let Iraqis Take Over, Say Americans

10-16-06 - US Reportedly Building Military Base in N. Iraq The United States is allegedly planning to construct a big military base in northern Iraq as part of its military plans for the Middle East.

10-16-06 - Lawyer Sentenced to 28 Months on Terror Charges for Assisting Blind Sheik

10-16-06 - Russia demands U.S. lift sanctions Russia demanded Monday that the United States lift sanctions against two Russian companies accused of making deals with Iran involving sensitive technology and hinted that a U.S. refusal could affect negotiations on a U.N. sanctions resolution against Tehran.

10-16-06 - Americans Reject War with North Korea

10-16-06 - Lebanon implicitly rejects Olmert peace talks offer "Real peace resides in Israel accepting the Arab peace initiative, promoted at the time by prince (now King) Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and agreed to at the Arab League summit held in Beirut," said a statement from Siniora's office.

10-16-06 - Olmert says he will meet with Bush in November Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced that he will meet with US President George W. Bush in November, to discuss arch-foe Iran's nuclear program.

10-16-06 - Israel wants Lebanon talks but not Syria

10-16-06 - Israeli bombs 'major threat' to Lebanese children: UNICEF The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said the Israeli army fired at least 1.2 million bomblets into Lebanon during the 34-day conflict.

10-16-06 - Israel's internal security minister to dispense advice in the US He will also meet in Washington with Mueller, US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, National Security Adviser Steve Hadley, Drug Enforcement Agency administrator Karen Tandy and Frances Townsend, the homeland security adviser to US President George W. Bush. After Boston, Dichter, ministry director-general Ronny Falk and Israel Police's US representative, Cmdr. Mickey Levy, are expected to travel to the nation's capital to meet with government leaders from the White House and Congress as well as American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) heads The Israelization of the United States continues at full speed.

10-16-06 - U.N. force only protects Israel: top Shi'ite cleric "The widening of the scope of Israeli violations in the south and other areas in Lebanon and their repetition within the sight and hearing range of UNIFIL forces that don't interfere to stop these violations... affirm that these forces have come here to protect Israel not Lebanon,"

10-16-06 - Election 2006: A War Referendum - It's all about Iraq

10-16-06 - "Cedar revolution" hits Syrian sapling exports Five thousand cedar saplings at the Maysaloun nursery on the Damascus-Beirut road have been waiting for months to be transported to Lebanon, unexpected victims of the renewed animosity that divides the two countries. The saplings have been donated by Syria to help Lebanon recreate its famed cedar forests, which have shrunk as a result of uncontrolled logging throughout the ages.

10-16-06 - America Moves Toward War with Iran

10-16-06 - Moscow tells Israel it will tighten its export controls on weapons For all intensive purposes, the order is directed mainly against Syria, and intended to prevent the transfer of Russian arms to Hezbollah and other terror groups.

10-16-06 - Steep drop in travel spending after congressional scandals behind the American Israel Education Foundation, which has emerged as the new top sponsor despite its close ties to the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group in Washington.

The foundation spent $583,131, sponsoring 62 trips to Israel for lawmakers, their relatives and staff from July 2005 to July 2006.....while the organization is considered an independent entity, its affiliation with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- a lobby that is consistently ranked among the nation's most powerful interest groups -- blurs the lines between lobbies and nonprofit educational groups. Members of Congress are banned from accepting travel expenses from lobbyists...Founded in 1990, the education foundation shares its office space and phone number with AIPAC -- the lobbying group. In 2005, 17 of the foundation's directors were also vice presidents on the group's board, and one was the president.
And just why are these trips allowed in the wake of the lobbying scandal? The Israeli lobby, of course.

10-16-06 - Error gets anti-war group on terror watch

10-16-06 - US: Jury picked for alleged Hamas supporters trial

10-16-06 - Golan Heights again center of land-for-peace deal On Monday, Olmert repeated his rejection in a speech before the Israeli parliament. U.S. officials also have rejected Assad's gesture.

10-16-06 - Olmert sees Arab axis of peace to counter Iran

10-16-06 - Confronting the War Pushers.


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