The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, October 08, 2006

News for 10-08-06

10-08-06 - Breaking News >> U.S. Official Confirms North Korean Nuclear Test to FOX News While we are bogged down in a clusterf'ck in the Middle East, Jong test fires a nuke. Way to go, neocons.

10-08-06 - North Korea says nuclear test successful North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test. U.S. and South Korean officials could not immediately confirm the report.

10-08-06 - Iran rejects six nations' demands

10-08-06 - Source: North Korea may drop nuclear test North Korea informed China it may drop its plan to test its first atomic bomb if the United States holds bilateral talks with the communist country, a former South Korean lawmaker said Sunday.

10-08-06 - US, China hold talks on nuclear threats The US China talks also come as the United Nations Security Council moves to draft a sanctions resolution against Iran for its failure to halt sensitive nuclear work

10-08-06 - America ponders cutting Iraq in three The Baker commission has grown increasingly interested in the idea of splitting the Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish regions of Iraq as the only alternative to what Baker calls "cutting and running" or "staying the course"....Baker, a leading exponent of shuttle diplomacy, has already met representatives of the Syrian government and is planning to see the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations in New York. "My view is you don't just talk to your friends," he said last week. "You need to talk to your enemies in order to move forward diplomatically towards peace." Baker shows them how it's done.

10-08-06 - US secretly woos Khatami The clandestine contacts with Mr Khatami reflect a significant shift in American policy, away from preparation for military action and towards increased diplomatic pressure on Iran, which is defying United Nations demands to suspend its nuclear programme.

10-08-06 - US casualty rate in Iraq worst since Fallujah The number of US troops being wounded in Iraq is now at its highest level for two years as American forces are confronted by increasing sectarian violence and a continuing insurgency.

10-08-06 - Iran: Sanctions threat a 'rusty' weapon

10-08-06 - Afghans 'may swing to Taliban' says Nato commander Nato's commander in Afghanistan has warned that the country is at a tipping point and that the majority of Afghans will begin supporting Taliban militants unless conditions improve in the country in the next six months.

10-08-06 - Japan and China unite against Korean threat

10-08-06 - Guant√°namo defense lawyer forced out of Navy The Navy lawyer who took the Guant√°namo case of Osama bin Laden's driver to the U.S. Supreme Court ? and won ? has been passed over for promotion by the Pentagon and must soon leave the military.

10-08-06 - OPEC ministers back first supply cut in two years This is price gauging. If it were happening in America, the Justice Department would be investigating the matter. Meanwhile, the sheep graze on.

10-08-06 - Britain tried to curb U.S. on Iraq - ex-minister David Blunkett, Home Secretary at the time of the invasion, told newspapers that Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld could not diverted from their goal of dismantling the Iraqi Ba'athist government system

10-08-06 - Schieffer stresses need for free press He said Thursday the government will always cover up its mistakes if it operates in secret and that it was up to journalists to expose the truth.

10-08-06 - Troops 'spread superbug' Acinetobacter baumannii commonly inhabits soil and water and is associated with warmer climates such as the Middle East. It is resistant to most common antibiotics and, if left untreated, can lead to pneumonia, fever and septicemia

10-08-06 - Syria signs two exporation and exploitation contracts with Shell

10-08-06 - US claims Guantanamo 'saved lives' John Negroponte, Director of National Intelligence, claims information obtained from inmates at the camp has proved vital in thwarting a series of terror attacks around the world, including in Britain. But the claim has provoked anger among human rights groups, which argue it is being used to justify a number of practices at Guantanamo that may constitute torture.

10-08-06 - The head of the Mossad and the Saudi connection The unofficial liaison between Riyadh and Jerusalem was Prince Bandar, from his luxurious suburban Washington home in McLean, Virginia. Bandar's Israeli contact is Mossad head Meir Dagan, who discreetly reported on their meetings to Sharon. The connection was maintained when Bandar returned to Saudi Arabia, and according to Israeli sources became closer during the war in Lebanon.

10-08-06 - UN in talks with Israel on completing Lebanon pullout Despite pulling out of the rest of south Lebanon on October 1, Israeli troops continue to occupy the Lebanese part of the divided village of Ghajar, which borders the Syrian Golan Heights that Israel has held since 1967.

10-08-06 - Olmert to convene panel of top officials to discuss Iran ** The group will debate Israeli policy toward Washington's proposed sanctions. It will also discuss developments in light of the Lebanon War, with even moderate states expressing concern about Iran. Olmert will update participants on his conversations last week with Condoleezza Rice on regional organization.

10-08-06 - Israel seeks to shoot down rockets with rockets Two Israeli arms firms are developing systems that would use miniature rockets to shoot down the rockets favoured by Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militants, security sources said on Sunday.

10-08-06 - US Jewish Left calls on Bush to promote negotiations between Israel and PA, Syria

10-08-06 - Israel: No intention of attacking Syria Israeli officials have said over the weekend that despite what the Syrians believe, Israel has no intention to attack Syria. This statement comes in reaction to the words of President Bashar Assad who said that his country was ready for an Israeli offensive at any moment.

10-08-06 - Lebanon's Speaker Says U.N. Should Stick To Mandate Berri was commenting on the recent report issued by UNIFIL that said the international peacekeeping force could use force against "hostile activity." The report added that if the Lebanese army is unable to intercept unauthorized weapons, they would conduct the activity.

10-08-06 - Israel's Lebanese Allies At Risk Israeli troops have left southern Lebanon, but some of their former Lebanese allies are refusing to go back to their own villages. Hated by Hizbollah who regard them as traitors, they're part of a rebel force which once fought alongside Israel. Israelis 'Lebanese allies' also slaughtered hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children (Sabra and Shatilla) and Israel allowed it to happen by encircling the camps, and even offered the Phalangists body bags as they set about their gruesome task.

10-08-06 - Second boy dies of wounds from ISF clash "The ISF came to break down the half-erected illegal buildings" but were blocked by a crowd, said Ismael's cousin, Mohammad Jbeili, 17 who also saw the incident. "One ISF personnel attacked a woman and the people got angry and clashes started before ISF personnel started shooting at the crowd."

10-08-06 - Analysis: Watch the Syrians, very carefully A credible Israeli threat to heavily bomb Damascus may help cool the escalating war-like atmosphere created by the young Ba'athist president, and thereby deter a spree of violence. This despite the fact that Israel's strategic profile coming out of the Lebanese war would be bolstered by a sweeping and conclusive military victory in the immediate future against any one of its enemies.

10-08-06 - FEATURE - Israelis divided on invoking Holocaust against Iran "Denying the Holocaust is considered an existential threat in Israel," said historian Tom Segev. "If we are looking for reasons to attack Iran, Ahmadinejad is certainly giving them."..Another historian, Michael Oren, suggested that Israel's comparisons of Ahmadinejad to Hitler were not for domestic ears, but rather aimed to shore up Western resolve to curb the Iranian nuclear programme through the threat of U.N. sanctions. The cry of wolf?

10-08-06 - SYRIA: Stranded Palestinians should be allowed into the country, say UNHCR and rights group

10-08-06 - Cary man tackles U.S., Arab relations with hummus

10-08-06 - If killing civilians is terror, then who's the terrorist?


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