The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, October 08, 2006

News for 10-07-06

10-07-06 - U.S. Says It Has Deal With Other U.N. Nations to Penalize Iran for Nuclear Drive The United States said it had won agreement on Friday from the other four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany to seek sanctions against Iran over its refusal to shut down a nuclear enrichment program that could be used to build bombs.

10-07-06 - Prosecutor: Libby Wants to Load Up Trial Fitzgerald wrote that Libby's proposals for introducing classified information are "so extraordinary both in breadth ... and in depth" that the evidence takes on "a misleading aura, is confusing" if presented to a jury.

10-07-06 - Secret Papers Could Halt CIA Case The danger for prosecutors is that the sheer volume and sensitivity of the classified information Libby wants to introduce could scuttle the trial. Once the judge identifies classified information Libby is entitled to present, U.S. intelligence agencies must rule on whether the secrets can be declassified. The trial would collapse if the intelligence agencies refuse to declassify the information.

10-07-06 - Afghans enjoy freedom despite growing fear

10-07-06 - Meet the "Whack Iran" Lobby ** A new Iran directorate inside the Pentagon features some of the same people who brought you the Iraq intel-cherrypicking operation at the Office of Special Plans.

10-07-06 - Canada in protest over rendition Canada is to make a formal protest to the United States over the case of a Canadian man deported to Syria in 2002 over suspected al-Qaeda links.

10-07-06 - US medic jailed over Iraq murder

10-07-06 - Lebanese PM urges UN action over Israeli flights Prime Minister Fuad Siniora has appealed to United Nations chief Kofi Annan to put pressure on Israel to stop its warplanes from overflying Lebanon and withdraw from a village, his office says

10-07-06 - Warner's Iraq Remarks Surprise White House Speaking to reporters on Thursday after returning from a trip that included a one-day stop in Baghdad, Mr. Warner said the United States should consider ?a change of course? if the violence there did not diminish soon.

10-07-06 - Nuclear bomb test 'just a day away' NORTH KOREA could carry out a nuclear test as early as tomorrow, according to Chinese sources.

10-07-06 - UN 'to drop' N Korea sanctions threat

10-07-06 - Video of Kristol being taken to task by audience members In that video, Kristol seems to deny the fact that the PNAC said that the US needs a new Pearl Harbor (to essentially get the ball rolling for what the PNAC wanted to achieve). I had had two links that proved PNAC said this, but both no longer work. I did retrieve one from ABC News from the Internet Archiver. I don't know for how much longer these links will continue to work.

10-07-06 - Palestinian Islamic extremist shot dead in Lebanon's largest refugee camp Gunmen shot a Palestinian extremist Saturday as he walked through a refugee camp in south Lebanon banging a drum to wake Muslims for their pre-dawn Ramadan meal, security officials said

10-07-06 - Iran says Japan can regain lost stake in oil project

10-07-06 - Smuggled nuclear waste cases double Investigators believe that the smugglers, who come mainly from the former Eastern bloc, are interested only in making a swift fortune and have no idea that their customers are jihadist groups plotting an atrocity

10-07-06 - Iran 'using British banks to channel money to terrorists' The Financial Services Authority is urgently scouring Britain's banking system for evidence of Iranian terrorism funding following an alert from the US authorities.

10-07-06 - 9/11 widows blast Bush Administration over Rice, Tenet meeting

10-07-06 - Lebanese PM: Army to seize any weapons found in South Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said Thursday that Lebanese Army has clear instructions to seize any weapons found in the South.

10-07-06 - Israelis Would Welcome Negotiations with Syria

10-07-06 - Syria ready to repulse any possible Israeli aggression-Blal Syria is ready to repulse any possible Israeli aggression, Information Minister Muhsen Blal confirmed on Saturday.

10-07-06 - The US, Israel and Lebanon - Historical Roots and Patterns of Conflict Georges Hanna, manager of a factory for prefab housing: "They hit everything: 25,000 square meter coverage area, factories, all of them damaged. We think it's about -- they have also some factories that made the same products like us, and they made this attack to eliminate us from the market."

10-07-06 - Jordan's Queen Rania 'very worried' about rift between West, Muslim world "The priority is to treat the problem that is at the heart of the frustrations and recriminations of all Arabs ? the Palestinian question," she said. "This injustice has gone on only too long."

10-07-06 - Robert Fisk: The Age of Terror - a landmark report When will the bombers arrive? After further massacres in Iraq? After the Israelis cross the border again? After Israel - or the US - bombs Iran's nuclear facilities in the coming months?....Even when Ariel Sharon was staging his withdrawal of 8,500 settlers from Gaza last year, he was shifting 12,000 more settlers into the West Bank, and George W Bush had effectively accepted this illegality by talking of the "realities" of the Jewish settlements still being enlarged there. And that was the end of UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 upon which the "peace process" was supposed to be based - Israeli withdrawal from territories occupied in the 1967 Middle East war, in return for the security of all states in the area. One of the few honourable American statesmen to grasp what this portends is ex-President Jimmy Carter
Great article. Read the whole thing.

10-07-06 - Straw faces angry backlash over Muslim veil comments (Roundup)

10-07-06 - Blair and Rice talk Middle East She said the breakfast was private and not intended as a follow-up to Friday night's ministerial meeting of six world powers that agreed to discuss further steps to pressure Iran into halting its nuclear programme.

10-07-06 - The Israel connection across the Taiwan Strait "I think with the correct kind of dialogue, Israel can play a role in reducing this tension. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of experience in such things." Oh dear God, no.


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