The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, October 13, 2006

News for 10-12-06

10-12-06 - Briton admits plot to detonate series of 'dirty bombs' While no specific targets were identified in Britain he had planned to bomb the International Monetary Fund and World Bank buildings in Washington, the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup buildings in New York and the Prudential skyscraper in Newark.

10-12-06 - General seeks UK Iraq withdrawal

10-12-06 - US, Britain reject study that claims Iraqi death toll tops 600,000

10-12-06 - US admits 'tough times' in Iraq US President George W Bush has acknowledged "tough times" in Iraq amid escalating violence, but vows the United States will stay the course.

10-12-06 - Naval exercise planned ** Facing nuclear disputes with Iran and North Korea, the US, Bahrain and other
states will hold their first naval exercise in the Gulf this month to practice interdicting ships carrying weapons of mass destruction and missiles, US officials said.

10-12-06 - US General: Strikes on Iran possible by 2007 ** Israel prefers Washington to act on its behalf but academics, left-wing politicians and experts say a military option is not on the cards for the Bush administration because of the situation in Iraq "Israel prefers Washington to act on its behalf" - no s%#t? Really? I never would have guessed.

10-12-06 - US no-talks policy comes under fire

10-12-06 - Jim Baker, Savior?

10-12-06 - Envoy: Iran should watch action on N. Korea "I am sure they're watching in Tehran what we do on this North Korea resolution," John Bolton told reporters Thursday at U.N. headquarters in New York. "And I hope they watch closely."

10-12-06 - America's Iran-watchers flock to Dubai

10-12-06 - Iran and Syria 'use Iraqis as cannon fodder': US And some would say that Israel is using US GI's as cannon fodder. Whose war is it?.

10-12-06 - Former general: Israel testing its limits

10-12-06 - Harvest of death is reaped where the cluster bombs were scattered Dalya Farran, of the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre, said that there were 770 new cluster bomb sites across south Lebanon but complained that they had received little help from Israel. ?All we got were maps giving areas ?highly likely? to contain unexploded ordnance, but they didn?t mention what type and said they were not exhaustive,? she said

10-12-06 - AN IMPERFECT HERO - Joseph Wilson's War

10-12-06 - FO's human rights report omits attacks on Lebanon By contrast with the absence of Israel's conduct in Lebanon, the report says: "We remain deeply concerned by Syria's ongoing support for Hizbullah. Hizbullah's role in the major outbreak of violence this year with Israel included abducting and detaining two Israeli soldiers and firing unguided rockets into Israeli towns and cities. In total, Hizbullah fired nearly 4,000 rockets into Israeli territory."

10-12-06 - Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran ** Is the Israeli government using Shalev, wittingly or not, and is he in turn using the BBC, to spread Israeli propaganda? Propaganda that may soon propel us towards the "clash of civilisations" so longed for by Israel's leadership. This is in reference to the BBC's program of the same topic from this week.

10-12-06 - Olmert urges action against Iran

10-12-06 - ADL presses pope on Iran The leader of the Anti-Defamation League asked Pope Benedict XVI to help protect Jews from Iranian threats.

10-12-06 - Comments on Israel harm Canadian pol A leading Canadian politician is under fire after calling an Israeli bombing of a Lebanese town this summer a war crime

10-12-06 - Civic leaders condemn attack on Calif. Muslim candidate A powerful Republican Party operative who earlier this week accused a Muslim City Council candidate of supporting Islamic extremists on Thursday challenged the Syrian-born man to a debate on his views of Hezbollah and the Middle East.

10-12-06 - If Peres truly wants peace with Syria, let him make a genuine overture

10-12-06 - AIPAC Runs Right


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