The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

News for 10-03-06

10-03-06 - Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11 The State Department's disclosure Monday that the pair was briefed within a week after then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was told about the threat on July 10, 2001, raised new questions about what the Bush administration did in response, and about why so many officials have claimed they never received or don't remember the warning.

10-03-06 - Iran proposes French role to break nuclear deadlock

10-03-06 - Iran moots new nuclear plan amid sanctions threats Iran has made a last-ditch proposal to break the deadlock over its nuclear programme as world powers warned it still risked being taken to the UN Security Council within a week for possible sanctions.

10-03-06 - US wants Iran answer in nuclear standoff this week: official The United States will give European negotiators until the end of the week to convince Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment program, and then pursue sanctions if Tehran fails to comply, a senior US official has said.

10-03-06 - Analysis: If and when Bush 'Iraqs' Iran Unlike the six months of preparations for Operation Desert Field and the deployments that preceded Iraqi Freedom, the Iran buildup will "not be a major CNN event." They will take place below the media's radar screen, such as moving Air Force tankers to staging bases and the movement of additional Navy assets to the region. "We can expect the number of administration references to Iran to significantly increase," Gardiner wrote, with four principal themes -- Iran's nuclear program, terrorism, the threat to Israel's existence, and the Iran-al Qaida link

10-03-06 - Iran and North Korea defy nuclear warnings

10-03-06 - Key powers to seek Iran sanctions The US and key EU powers will seek a fresh UN resolution imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear policy.

10-03-06 - Israel, Hizbollah broke human rights law: U.N. envoys

10-03-06 - EU official pushes Iran on nuclear plans The EU foreign policy chief said he was resuming talks with Iran's top nuclear negotiator and warned Monday that the time for continuing negotiations on Tehran's atomic program was limited.

10-03-06 - Israel should face war crimes probe over Lebanon: UN rights expert Israel should be held to account for possible war crimes during its offensive in Lebanon, the United Nations' food rights expert has said in a report.

10-03-06 - John Bolton: N. Korea Nukes Pose 'Grave Threat' to Peace U.S. Ambassador John Bolton urged the U.N. Security Council Tuesday to respond to North Korea's threat to conduct a nuclear test, saying it would be a grave threat to international peace and security.

10-03-06 - Confirmation hopes dim for Bolton at UN "The skies aren't looking too favorable for Bolton," says one US official Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found thee.. oh...

10-03-06 - Rice seeks Saudi help to stabilize Iraq

10-03-06 - Sanctions will threaten U.S. interests, not Iran, Tehran officials, state radio say

10-03-06 - US supports Egyptian nuclear program -- Rice US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the Egyptian television that the US supported the Egyptian initiative to acquire peaceful nuclear technologies, expressing readiness to provide technical support to Egypt in this regard.

10-03-06 - Diplomats: Iran nuke stance hurts talks

10-03-06 - State Dept. confirms Rice-Tenet meeting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did receive a CIA briefing about terror threats just about two months before the Sept. 11 attacks, but the information was not new, her chief spokesman said

10-03-06 - Rice to Arab FMs: Sever economic ties with Iran

10-03-06 - Musharraf U-turn on Taliban Retired Pakistani intelligence officers could be running the Taliban insurgency against coalition forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan's president, Gen Pervez Musharraf, has said

10-03-06 - U.N. moves to maintain peace in Lebanon A Lebanese army statement said four Israeli jets flew over southern towns and villages as well as areas in northern Lebanon. UNIFIL has asked Israel to end this practice, which violates the cease-fire. Israeli officials said previously that air patrols would continue. A military spokesman declined comment on the latest overflight reports

10-03-06 - Palestinian volunteer to remove unexploded Israeli Cluster bombs in Lebanon Abu Ali, has become the only hope for the farmers of that region who are worried about farming their fields filled with these internationally prohibited cluster bombs Israel fired at the southern Lebanon during the war with Hezbollah, which claimed the lives of 1500 Lebanese and 157 Israelis. In addition, over one million Lebanese were displaced from their homes as a result of the Israeli shelling.

10-03-06 - Hezbollah denies seeking U.S. money A veteran member of the Hezbollah political party in Beirut says the organization is not involved in fundraising in the United States.

10-03-06 - UNHCR "Deeply Concerned" over Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Iraq UNHCR Spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis said at the press briefing today at the Palais des Nations in Geneva that the security situation of Palestinian refugees in Iraq has deteriorated - particularly since the Samarra bombings last February - and an increasing number of them have left or are trying to leave the country.

10-03-06 - Rice off to Middle East - with no new ideas the Saudi foreign minister. He described the Israel-Palestinian conflict as the region's "core problem" on whose settlement the resolution of other disputes depended. Similar appeals have come from Egypt and Jordan.

But Ms Rice, conscious of neo-con opposition at home to any pressure for Israeli concessions and aware that Israel's prime minister, Ehud Olmert, is in no shape politically to reopen peace talks, offered no concrete res

10-03-06 - Lebanese government under pressure to resign "The main ally of the Siniora government was the Americans and they didn't seek to end the war but in fact sought to prolong it. Certainly, what happened during the war really strengthened the hand of the government's opponents; it allowed them to say, 'look what your alliance has brought us'."

10-03-06 - Yushchenko: I believe in cooperating with Israel Ukrainian president tells Ynet that he will use his visit to Jerusalem next month to advance initiative for joint Israeli-Ukrainian development of missiles and satellites for peaceful purposes

10-03-06 - Pro-Israel political funds in U.S. target friendly incumbents - and challengers Since he lost the Democratic party's nomination - and its financial backing - for his Senate seat, Lieberman has become the top fund-raiser among American Jews whose primary political focus is support for Israel.....Among the trends in pro-Israel money, fund-raisers say, is a rush to defend endangered Israel-friendly incumbents, the majority of whom are Republicans. There is also significant support directed toward challengers of incumbents such as Chafee and Hostettler, who are not considered friendly to Israel. America's interests factor in, exactly how?

10-03-06 - Rice plea on Palestinian clashes "Innocent Palestinians are caught in this violence," She makes no such plea when it's Israel that is doing the killing, and that goes for Lebanon too.

10-03-06 - Can Rice rally Mideast against Iran? Hizbullah is seen by the US as an Iranian proxy that could harass Israel if the nuclear dispute with Iran moves to open conflict; disorder in Iraq is seen as serving Iranian interests by tying up US forces and creating the possibility that the country's Shiites could rise up against US forces in support of their coreligionists; and Hamas, too, is seen by America as a threat to speed attacks against Israel in the event of war....Washington's conviction that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons (Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only) trumps all other concerns.

10-03-06 - Palestinians Assess Hezbollah's Techniques

10-03-06 - UNIFIL sets rules of engagement in Lebanon

10-03-06 - Arabs Pressure Rice On U.S. Peace Efforts During talks Tuesday in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Rice was confronted by friendly but firm pressure from eight Arab governments -- Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain -- to follow up on promises by President Bush to help achieve a two-state solution in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians Rice's visit to the Middle East, under the guise of restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, is a front to gain Arab support for the upcoming war on Iran. This comes just after a number of high-ranking Israeli officials visited Washington in the preceding weeks.

10-03-06 - Israeli jets fly over Lebanon despite withdrawal Israeli warplanes flew over Lebanon on Tuesday two days after Israeli forces withdrew from virtually all of south Lebanon, witnesses said.

10-03-06 - U.N.: Israeli military won't answer probe A U.N. panel investigating the July deaths of four U.N. military observers in Lebanon says Israel will not allow interviews with tactical operations officers.

10-03-06 - Cries of victory, sighs of defeat from Jews as Congress recesses The American Israel Public Affairs Committee scored a victory in a separate bill setting up an office within the Homeland Security Department that would coordinate cooperation with counterparts in Israel, Britain, Australia, Canada and Singapore.....Appropriations for U.S.-Israel programs, victory. An AIPAC priority, the $460 million allocated for such programs in the U.S. Defense Appropriations bill is separate from the $2.8 billion Israel receives each year in assistance, and is considered an investment. Some of the innovations, including protective tiles for armored vehicles, a targeting and navigation pod and unmanned aerial vehicles, already are in use in Iraq.

10-03-06 - Outburst on Bush and Blair threatens foreign policy rift He also accused them of making "an enormous error" by refusing to press Israel for a ceasefire during the war in Lebanon.


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