The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

News for 09-26-06

09-26-06 - Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short

09-26-06 - US insists any Iranian enrichment suspension must be verified The United States noted "hopeful" signs from Iran, on the eve of Tehran's latest nuclear talks with Europe, but warned sanctions were still on tap if diplomacy fails

09-26-06 - Iraq war 'cause celebre' for terror: US intelligence report The Iraq war is a "cause celebre" swelling the ranks of Islamist terrorists, who are likely to grow in numbers for the next five years, according to declassified US intelligence findings.

09-26-06 - EU, Iran close to deal for nuclear talks: report The report said Iran had agreed to suspend uranium enrichment for 90 days so additional talks could be held with European states. However, an Iranian nuclear official was quoted by an Iranian news agency denying such suspension plans.

09-26-06 - Army investigates Afghan prison deaths

09-26-06 - Russian fuel to be sent to Iranian plant ** once the fuel is delivered to Bushehr, new International Atomic Energy Agency requirements will come into force, including greater surveillance of the reactor operations. That would make an attack of Bushehr - for example, by U.S. or Israeli forces - much less likely, he said, since IAEA inspectors would have more access to the facilities.

09-26-06 - Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in the Middle East Extensive video news footage of the 2003 Iraq war, including Fallujah in 2004, provided irrefutable documented evidence that the US has unethically and illegally used depleted uranium munitions on cities and other civilian populations. These military actions are in direct violation of not only the international conventions, but also violate US military law because the US is a signatory to The Hague and Geneva Conventions and the 1925 Geneva Gas Protocol.

09-26-06 - Media Tall Tales ** The Sept. 25 edition of Time magazine illustrates how the U.S. news media are gearing up for a military attack on Iran.

09-26-06 - PM: Bush won't allow nuclear Iran ** Olmert's assessment is at odds with those inside the intelligence community who argue that the US president is too over-extended in Iraq and Afghanistan, and too politically weak at home, to take military action against Teheran.

09-26-06 - Concern over Middle East nuclear plans Both Turkey and Egypt have also signed up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). This bans the further spread of nuclear weapons among member states.

09-26-06 - Two terror cases expose Bush's double standard In sending Arar - whom a Canadian government commission recently cleared of any terrorist ties - to Syria, the Bush administration had good reason to know he would be brutalized. Rice : "We shall sanction Syria for making us look bad! That's IT!"

09-26-06 - Rice evokes possible new sanctions against Syria The United States is hoping to convince its allies to back new sanctions against Syria in response to its purported role in destabilizing Lebanon and Iraq and supporting the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said. Overheard in Condi's office last night, "Ok ok. So the Hariri report did not implicate Syria. Hmm. We can't use that to sanction them. Wait! We can always fall back on the 'destabilizing' trick! Yeh yeh!"

09-26-06 - US troop presence keeps neighbors from invading Iraq: Talabani Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said that the US military presence in Iraq keeps neighbors from invading his country.

09-26-06 - Bush orders public release of Iraq intelligence report

09-26-06 - Beware the NIE If the war in Iraq is producing hundreds, or thousands, or millions of recruits for Osama bin Laden, well, where are they? .....It?s a mistake, and a dangerous one, to confuse anti-Americanism with terrorism. Even states that militantly oppose U.S. policy in the Middle East, such as Iran and Syria, haven?t used terrorist proxies against us. Violent insurgencies, such as Hezbollah and Hamas?along with Islamist insurgencies in Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Algeria and the Philippines?haven?t attacked us, either.

09-26-06 - Coming Soon: Gulf War III **

09-26-06 - Israel's lethal bomblets keep 200,000 Lebanese away from homes

09-26-06 - Golan heights an 'integral part" of Israel: PM Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has called the occupied Golan Heights an integral part of Israel and said he would never hand it back to Syria. The Golan Heights - one of the territories unlawfully seized and 'settled' by Israel.

09-26-06 - Russia, Iran agree power station launch date Russia and Iran have signed an agreement setting next September as the deadline for the launch of the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power station.

09-26-06 - Unexploded bomblets hinder S. Lebanon recovery: U.N. Up to a million unexploded cluster bomblets from Israel's war with Hizbollah are now the biggest threat to civilians in south Lebanon, where they litter streets, homes and orchards, U.N. agencies said on Tuesday....Clarke said Israel had also yet to provide detailed information on the amounts of cluster bombs fired or the coordinates of the strikes, which would help munitions clearance teams identify the main areas on which to focus their efforts. Again, this is likely due to the fact that the maps would show mainly civilian areas.

09-26-06 - Why Bush Will Nuke Iran **

09-26-06 - Consult America before Iran war ** Early this year, Israel was warning that if Iran was not stopped by March 2006, it would be too late. Iran by then would have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to build nuclear weapons. The neoconservatives, too, have been demanding "Action this day!" and were stunned by Bush's statement at the United Nations that America does not oppose Iran's acquisition of peaceful nuclear power.
Check this news batch for a similar flashback to last year.

09-26-06 - From Sept. 2005: Israel: Iran may be 6 months from bomb know-how ** Iran may be as little as six months away from completing the know-how to build a nuclear bomb, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Monday.

09-26-06 - Lebanon: We need missiles against IAF aircraft Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr says his country's army will respond if Israel violates ceasefire after IDF's withdrawal. Murr meets with his Belgian counterpart, asks to equip Lebanese army with antiaircraft missiles in order to hit Israeli aircraft Even before the July 12th abduction of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, Israel was routinely and provocatively violating Lebanese air space (as well as Syria's on occasion).

09-26-06 - Beckett defends Lebanon policy "She skidded over troubled waters. She implied that we did all we could to obtain a ceasefire over Lebanon. This was not true,"

09-26-06 - Saudis deny secret Israel contact Israeli media said Saudi and Israeli had discussed the Saudi peace initiative and Iran's nuclear programme. That's all Saudi royalty needs is to admit they met with the Israeli government. Not going to happen.

09-26-06 - Russia Selling Iran Missiles to Protect Bushehr Nuclear Reactor ? Source Russian diplomatic and industry sources said Moscow has been negotiating to sell Iran a range of anti-aircraft systems to protect Bushehr from Israeli or U.S. air strikes.

09-26-06 - Olmert says Israel will not accept a nuclear Iran "Israel can't accept the possibility of Iranians having nuclear weapons and we will act together with the international forces, starting with the Americans, in order to prevent it," Olmert told The Jerusalem Post daily in an interview. "starting with the Americans, in order to prevent it," We've got our hands full already, thanks to the neocons/AIPACers.

09-26-06 - IDF: Sorties will continue over Lebanon

09-26-06 - Israel Intended to Assassinate Nasrallah After Ceasefire

09-26-06 - Israeli to address Congress Some of the issues expected to be raised are Iran's support for Hezbollah, the militia's status and influence in Lebanon following the 34-day war with Israel, its widely viewed Al-Manar television station and its activities in Africa, Asia, South America and the United States. Congress will receive Israel's newest wish list.

09-26-06 - Illinois buys $10 million in Israel Bonds The Illinois state treasurer, Judy Baar Topinka, announced Monday that it would be part of the state?s $25 million in foreign investment for 2006. More money for Israel.

09-26-06 - Washington out of touch with anger of Arab world, Syrian minister tells UN

09-26-06 - Hizbullah moving rockets to Palestinian camps Hizbullah has been transporting rockets and heavy weaponry to Palestinian camps in south Lebanon just a few miles from the Israeli border, according to Lebanese officials. Another article by World Net Daily's Aaron Klein. The 'facts' therein should be taken with a grain of salt.

09-26-06 - IDF withdrawal from stalled until UNIFIL role spelled out In the IDF the view is that after the withdrawal is completed, if Israeli soldiers along the border fence feel threatened and the peacekeeping forces do not deal with the situation, the soldiers will be entitled to defend themselves. However, the UN view of the role of UNIFIL is that of a police force, which will only fire if it is fired upon, in an act of self-defense.


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