The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 31, 2006

News for 07-30-06

07-30-06 - Israeli air strike kills 54 civilians An Israeli air strike killed 54 civilians, including 37 children, on Sunday, prompting Lebanon to tell U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice she was unwelcome in Beirut and fuelling world pressure for a ceasefire.

07-30-06 - Israel suspends bombing after deadly Lebanon raid The announcement of the suspension of air strikes was made after Rice held talks throughout Sunday with Israeli leaders Condi knows how to lay down the law with Israel. The problem is, she rarely does.

07-30-06 - Lebanese children bear scars of Israel's high-tech firepower "I found a nine-month-old boy called Yussef Nisr wrapped in blankets in the rubble. I carried him outside toward the ambulance. And when I unwrapped him his body suddenly turned black from the contact with oxygen."

07-30-06 - Annan tells UN Council to demand Mideast truce But a dispute continued over paragraphs calling for the "immediate suspension of offensive actions from both sides" and the "immediate cessation of hostilities," which the United States opposes

07-30-06 - A rescuer carries the body of a toddler victim of an Israeli air raid on Qana

07-30-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad signals hardening of nuclear stance Iran's president signaled that Israeli attacks against the Palestinian territories and Lebanon were causing Iran to harden its stance in the international row over its nuclear programme.

07-30-06 - "Killing people is like squashing an ant:" former US soldier

07-30-06 - Iran fails in bid to divide world powers: US official

07-30-06 - 'They found them huddled together' It was an unremarkable three-storey building on the edge of town. But for two extended families, the Shalhoubs and the Hashems, it was a last refuge.

07-30-06 - Bush submits new terror detainee bill U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration, say legal experts reviewing an early version of the bill. U.S. citizens, folks.

07-30-06 - A Red Cross member carries a body after an Israeli air raid in Qana

07-30-06 - A civil defense worker carries the body of Lebanese child recovered from the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles 3

07-30-06 - Civil Defence workers carry a blanket with the bodies of two children recovered from under the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles 2

07-30-06 - Lebanese Red Cross volunteers carry a stretcher with the bodies of two children recovered under the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles

07-30-06 - A civil defense worker carries a body of a young Lebanese child recovered from the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles

07-30-06 - Iran agency retracts story on Israel revenge call Iran's conservative Fars news agency on Sunday quoted the head of the Revolutionary Guards as telling his troops to prepare for revenge on Israel, but later withdrew the story.

07-30-06 - US urges restraint after Qana But I bet our government won't be canceling any jet fuel or bomb shipments to Israel. It's what happens when a government is under the influence.

07-30-06 - Iran forces urged to prepare to hit Israel

07-30-06 - Slaughter at Qana: Just Arabs, Never Mind In other words, if the Lebanese are so stupid as to remain in their country, or they have no means of escape, unlike the upper classes and elite, they deserve to be killed. After all, they are only Arabs, hardly worth a fingernail.

07-30-06 - An Israeli soldier writes messages for the recipients of these shells

07-30-06 - State Department hid costs of Iraqi projects: paper

07-30-06 - AAI Condemns Israeli Attack on Qana; Criticizes Bush Administration's Tacit Green Light to Israel "Today's attack on Qana, which took the lives of 57 civilians, including 37 children, was tragically not unexpected," said AAI President James Zogby. "Not unlike a similar 1996 attack on Qana, massive and indiscriminate attacks on the south of Lebanon are bound to result in such massacres."

07-30-06 - Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah Israel has managed to unite the Arab world - against them. This is why she will never know peace. The lives of Arab children DO matter, contrary to what most Israelis evidently believe.

07-30-06 - Kuwait to give Lebanon 800 million dollar aid package

07-30-06 - U.N. council: 'Shock' over Lebanon deaths But the presidential statement, adopted unanimously by the 15-member council in an emergency session, stopped short of condemning the Israeli airstrike Sunday....U.S. Ambassador John Bolton opposed any condemnation of the attack. John Bolton does not advocate the best interests of the American people. He is a shill for Israel and should step down.

07-30-06 - Blair hardens line on Israel after cabinet criticism Downing Street slapped down the former foreign secretary Jack Straw, who at the weekend condemned Israeli action as disproportionate and likely to undermine support across the Middle East.

07-30-06 - Where Are The Suicide Bombers? "The big problem that Israel has got right now is that its behavior is generating the next generation of suicide bombers," said Robert Pape, the author of "Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism."

07-30-06 - Protests follow deadly Israeli air strike

07-30-06 - Air raid hits Syria border One person was wounded when three missiles slammed into the last customs building at the crossing point, digging craters in the middle of the road, they said.
The passageway was closed by the strike.

07-30-06 - Hezbollah vows to punish Israel Hezbollah warned on Sunday it would punish Israel for the deaths of at least 51 civilians in Israeli air raids on the village of Qana, saying the Jewish state had to accept the consequences of its "massacre".

07-30-06 - Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport

07-30-06 - The "Human Shield" LIE Exposed they engage in a twisted racist and depraved cost/benefit analysis wherein they choose to KILL HUNDREDS of innocent Arab civilians by using overwhelming arial force rather than risk dozens of Israeli military lives.

07-30-06 - How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke?

07-30-06 - Not welcome in Lebanon, Rice heads home Monday Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he did not want her to come to his country for planned meetings on Sunday, saying that after Israel's air strike, he could not hold any talks on resolving the crisis before an immediate ceasefire.

07-30-06 - Fresh ground assault on Hizbullah villages

07-30-06 - Reporters describe carnage at Qana The BBC's Jim Muir said that for some of the rescuers, experienced as they were, the emotional impact of finding so many dead children in the ruins was too much.

07-30-06 - Lebanese hold a candlelit vigil in memory of at least 56 people - more than half of then children - who were killed Sunday

07-30-06 - Caracas threatens oil cut in case of US aggression

07-30-06 - Global outrage greets Israel 'war crime' in Qana Israel's air strike on the Lebanese village of Qana sparked global outrage, with the UN Security Council deploring the deaths and Arab and Muslim leaders and thousands of livid protesters in the Middle East branding the assault a war crime

07-30-06 - CAIR Demands End to Israeli 'Terror' After 57 Civilians Killed

07-30-06 - US 'arms' flights, headed for Israel, avoid Scottish airport We are giving Israel the bombs to kill Lebanese children. Hey, I bet they only 'hate us for our freedom'.

07-30-06 - Jordan sends aid convoy to Palestinians I really don't understand why EVERYONE ELSE but Israel has to pay for the damage that Israel has done to both Lebanon and Palestine? They are never held accountable for their actions and this reinforces their belief that they are above the law.

07-30-06 - Analysis: A second Qana Massacre? a UN investigation reported in May 1996 that the deaths at the Qana base were unlikely to have been the result of an accident as claimed by the Israelis.

07-30-06 - Israeli-Canadian professor accused of spying released

07-30-06 - India expresses outrage over Israel's 'continued irresponsibility' Expressing deep condolences to Lebanese government and the people over the tragic incident, New Delhi condemned Israel's "continued irresponsible and indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon and ignoring calls for restraint".

07-30-06 - The 'logic' of Israel-apologists

07-30-06 - Seattle gunman angry over Iraq, Israel policy

07-30-06 - Down the Memory Hole - Israeli contribution to conflict is forgotten by leading papers

07-30-06 - Iran stops students travelling to join Hezbollah

07-30-06 - In Congress, concern over Lebanon threatens to overshadow terrorism bill The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which pushed both bills strongly, said the main thing now was passage of one or the other. Aren't you glad that AIPAC speaks for us hard-working taxpaying American citizens? Because that's who Congress bows down to. Not us.


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