The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, July 27, 2006

News for 07-26-06

07-26-06 - Iran: The Next War by James Bamford War with Iran has been in the works for the past five years, shaped in almost complete secrecy by a small group of senior Pentagon officials attached to the Office of Special Plans. The man who created the OSP was Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defense for policy. A former Middle East specialist on the National Security Council in the Reagan administration, Feith had long urged Israel to secure its borders in the Middle East by attacking Iraq and Iran. After Bush's election, Feith went to work to make that vision a reality, putting together a team of neoconservative hawks determined to drive the U.S. to attack Tehran. We've still got some true patriots in the federal government. God bless them. Read this article in its entirety and witness the abject treachery of the neocons, some of whom are STILL IN OFFICE. This is one of those articles that will be put in the margin of my companion website - permanently.

07-26-06 - UN calls for Mid-East ceasefire

07-26-06 - Siniora's agony over Lebanon's plight "Is the value of human life less than in Lebanon than that of citizens elsewhere? Are we children of a lesser God? Is an Israeli teardrop worth more than a drop of Lebanese blood?"

07-26-06 - Israel's heaviest losses fuel doubts over strategy the city of Tyre was hit in a major Israeli air strike. Sixteen people, including six children, were injured when a seven-storey building that had been used as a Hizbullah community centre collapsed

07-26-06 - Israeli Sisters Need Donations For Life-Saving Surgery The sisters, Janna and Halla Awad, are Arab Israeli Muslim. They are currently at Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami

07-26-06 - Nine Israelis killed in Lebanon Nine Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce clashes with Hezbollah militants in south Lebanon.

07-26-06 - Many Americans stuck in southern Lebanon "I tell you honestly, from my heart, I love everyone. I don't care their religion or their belief," Tehfi said. "But I don't understand what I saw. It was a massacre. It was a massacre."

07-26-06 - Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea The UN report says each time the UN contacted Israeli forces, they were assured the firing would stop.

07-26-06 - Israeli strike hits lorry carrying aid An Israeli air strike on Wednesday hit a lorry carrying medical and food supplies donated to Lebanon by the United Arab Emirates, killing its Syrian driver and wounding two others, security sources said.

07-26-06 - Marines in Lebanon remember '83 bombing they were ordered back after Christian militiamen allied with Israel massacred hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Beirut. The Marines, along with British, French and Italian troops, were expected to provide a modicum of order to help the fragile Lebanese government get on its feet.

07-26-06 - Weeks of war to come, says Israeli general "But the shelling started in the morning and went on until after 7pm. You cannot imagine the anguish of the unarmed men and women peacekeepers who were there."

07-26-06 - 'Why do they give weapons to Israel and food to us?' "Is he just trying to fatten us up before he gives Israel bigger bombs to kill us?" Stunning hypocrisy.

07-26-06 - A Nigerian U.N. employee, his wife and five Lebanese people were buried when the bomb flattened their home Three of the five Lebanese were removed, including the body of a child

07-26-06 - Bombardment hits Lebanon's children hard Children account for more than a third of the hundreds of people killed and half of the 700,000 displaced by the conflict, a spokeswoman for the U.N. Children's Fund UNICEF said.

07-26-06 - China presses UN council to condemn Israeli attack Chinese U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya agreed even before formal deliberations began, however, to soften his draft text by deleting a call for an immediate end to the fighting in Lebanon and a reference to the "apparently deliberate targeting" of U.N. troops by Israeli forces.

07-26-06 - Dump Condi: Foreign policy conservatives charge State Dept. has hijacked Bush agenda Mr. Perle, pointing to the effort by the State Department to undermine the Reagan administration?s policy toward the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, has accused Miss Rice of succumbing to a long-time State Department agenda of meaningless agreements meant to appease enemies of the United States If Condi has the neocons pissed, then she must be doing something right. Perle wants the US to attack Iran. These neocons shouldn't be anywhere near our government for their willful deception of the American people. They should be in jail.

07-26-06 - Israel using chemical weapons: doctors Killed by Israeli air raids, the Lebanese dead are charred in a way local doctors, who have lived through years of civil war and Israeli occupation, say they have not seen before.

07-26-06 - Rogue elements blamed for UN attack "Clearly there are rogue elements on both sides of the border. There is a rogue element in the Israeli military machine and it's about time the world called a spade a spade and recognised that element has been there for several years and continues. This guy will be out of a job for saying that, no doubt.

07-26-06 - CAIR Asks Bush to Protect Americans Under Attack By Israel U.S. citizens trapped in S. Lebanon describe horrific scenes

07-26-06 - Analysis: U.S. charts own Mideast course "We wanted a cease-fire, an immediate cease-fire," Saniora said, with Rice and others at his side. "The more we delay the cease-fire, the more we are going to witness (that) more are being killed, more destruction and more aggression against the civilians in Lebanon."

07-26-06 - Israel army collecting bodies of Hezbollah

07-26-06 - Putin's billion-dollar arms sale risks souring Western détente HUGO CHÁVEZ, the ardently anti-American President of Venezuela, arrives in Russia today to sign a billion-dollar arms deal that has infuriated and alarmed the US.

07-26-06 - China demands apology after Israel kills UN worker "The Chinese side ... demands that the Israeli side open a comprehensive investigation, apologize to the Chinese side and the victim's family and help the Chinese side in carrying out the mourning activities,"

07-26-06 - Lebanon receives EU aid promises, UN delivery, Jordanian aid The world continued its mobilisation to aid war-smashed Lebanon, as the European Union promised tens of millions of dollars, the United Nations sent a convoy of trucks to the south of the country and Jordan began flying in medical help.

07-26-06 - U.S. wants to deal "aggressively" with Kurdish PKK

07-26-06 - Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon This was the original article from the Associated Press. Were those soldiers captured in Lebanon, or Israel? According to the author of this article, it was Lebanon.

07-26-06 - On visit to U.S., Iraqi leader takes heat for Israel comments "The Israeli attacks and airstrikes are completely destroying Lebanon's infrastructure," Maliki said in remarks reported by the New York Times. "I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo to take quick action to stop these aggressions. We call on the world to take quick stands to stop the Israeli aggression."

07-26-06 - International criticism follows deadly Israel raid on UN post "There were 14 other Israeli firings close to this position by the Israeli side, and the firing continued during the UNIFIL rescue,"

07-26-06 - 'Luck' saves UN officer from Khiam blast US ambassador John Bolton says Israel insists it was an "operational mistake".

07-26-06 - Hundreds march for peace to Israeli embassy "The media is trying to portray this as a proportional conflict, when really what we see is one of the biggest militaries in the world -- that being Israel -- bombarding mostly a civilian population in Lebanon,"

07-26-06 - Putin and Ahmadinejad discuss Mideast crises

07-26-06 - Lebanese Americans flee conflict zone Many houses in Chihin had been bombed, she said, and the Israelis also dropped leaflets telling the residents to leave their homes. "But when a group of people tried to escape, they bombed the cars. They had to gather up the children's remains in plastic bags,"

07-26-06 - Lebanese cope, once again, amid the ruin of war Up to 750,000 people have been driven from their homes as Israeli shelling has destroyed electricity and water supplies

07-26-06 - Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon? This would be a disaster. We should STAY OUT OF IT. This is NOT 'our war'.

07-26-06 - Mideast fighting rises to new pitch UNIFIL has a history of being fired on by the Israeli military dating back to its inception in 1978. Several UNIFIL soldiers were killed and wounded in the 1980s and 1990s by Israeli tank fire, artillery shelling, and airstrikes against their positions and convoys.....In April 1996, Israeli artillery shelled the UNIFIL Fijian battalion's headquarters, killing more than 100 Lebanese who were seeking shelter there during an earlier Israeli offensive against Hizbullah. In January 2004, a French OGL officer was killed by an Israeli tank shell
Evidently, UNIFIL has been in their sights before.

07-26-06 - Time for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon

07-26-06 - Time won't help Israel disarm Hizbullah Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz as much as admitted his contempt for noncombatant immunity when, according to Israeli army radio on July 24, he ordered the destruction of 10 multistory buildings in the Shiite-inhabited suburbs of Beirut for every rocket hitting Haifa.

07-26-06 - Britain to protest US use of airport to send missiles to Israel British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett is planning to make a formal complaint to the United States over the alleged use of a Scottish airport as a staging post for the transport of missiles to Israel.

07-26-06 - Frustration as summit fails to end conflict A US state department official travelling with Ms Rice denied the US had been isolated, a view disputed by other sources at the conference It's what happens when you have a government that is under the influence.

07-26-06 - Ceasefire is the only option Vanessa Redgrave
Unicef special representative

07-26-06 - Shocked at Israeli atrocities? Don't be.

07-26-06 - Lebanon: Winners and Losers What an Orwellian nightmare America has turned out to be; Black is white, Up is down, Israel is a democracy deserving of our unconditional support. Our politicians fall all over themselves to please a foreign nation. George Washington is rolling in his grave. Is this what he fought for? Is this the America that those ragtag 'rebels' envisioned? Hardly. If that is so, then they never would have fought at all. America was supposed to be INDEPENDENT. Clearly, it is not. How much more does one have to say or do to get this message through to the American public at large?

07-26-06 - Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes

07-26-06 - The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation

07-26-06 - Schumer and Clinton Pressed To Reappoint Bolton Senators Schumer and Clinton are facing increasing pressure from pro-Israel groups to renounce another Democratic filibuster in light of the escalating war in the Middle East. Pro-Israel groups LOVE John Bolton. He puts ISRAEL first, ALWAYS!

07-26-06 - Israel lobby out in force to disparage Americans stranded in Lebanon

07-26-06 - Ceasefire quickest solution to Mideast bloodshed: think tank

07-26-06 - 'The troops thought: this guy's got balls'

07-26-06 - Indulging folly The US alliance with Israel has been a fact of international life for decades, but seldom has Washington acted so blatantly in support of the country and with such disregard for the rest of the international community. Our unconditional support of Israel's actions is not in the best interests of THIS COUNTRY, America.

07-26-06 - The neocon resurgence

07-26-06 - 'When it is over, the IDF will have to take a good look at itself'

07-26-06 - Precise Destruction

07-26-06 - Ex-aide slams Britain over Lebanon Britain's moral authority over the crisis in the Middle East is being undermined by its close relationship with the US, a former top aide to Tony Blair has said. The work of our mighty Israel lobby here in the US is bringing others down with us, evidently.

07-26-06 - Dean calls Iraqi PM an 'anti-Semite' Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday called Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an "anti-Semite" for failing to denounce Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel. Ridiculous. The Iraqi PM IS a Semite.

07-26-06 - Congress Cautioned On Support of Israel The vast majority of folks in Congress are beholden to AIPAC or Israel. This is the definitive proof.

07-26-06 - Jewish voters dis Bush: Israel?s defender deserves better President Bush hasn?t just correctly filled out some American Israel Political Action Committee questionnaire. He?s put American lives where other politicians? mouths have been. What has he gotten in political returns? Bupkis.

07-26-06 - War Trashes Lebanese Economic Comeback Israel's bombardment has dealt a devastating blow to Lebanon's fragile economy, just as it was recovering from a yearslong slump.

07-26-06 - India condemns Israeli bombardment


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