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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel lobby out in force to disparage Americans stranded in Lebanon

You can read their obnoxious and bigoted filth here and here

They seek to downplay/deny the refugee crisis Israel has created.

Evidently the main tactics being used here are :

  • that these Americans somehow aren't real Americans because they are Muslim, wear the hijab, or are Arab.

  • that these Americans are guilty for visiting Lebanon - which was at peace weeks ago - but then came under heavy bombardment by Israel. Israel is targeting civilians, ambulances, UN peacekeepers. But, yet, it's still the fault of these Americans for not being psychic - and not seeing this huge operation coming.

  • that the State Department has warned these folks not to go there, thus they are at fault for what Israel is doing to the civilians. This despite the fact that there are warnings issued for Israel and yet Americans still visit there during this period of conflict. Somehow, those Americans are not to blame for their own deaths/plight, but the Americans in Lebanon are.

  • that these folks are terrorists or terror-supporters anyway for simply being Muslim/Arab, or somehow less thans for wanting to visit family back home in Lebanon during the time that it was peaceful.

  • If it only were a handful of people with like views, one could pass it off as the usual 'trolling' done in cyberspace. But it is clearly a concerted effort to disparage those Americans that are stranded in Lebanon with the most likely intention being to exonerate Israel of or deflect attention away from its behavior.


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