The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 26, 2006

News for 02-26-06

02-26-06 - Al Qaeda warns of more oil plant attacks: website

02-26-06 - Iran says it agrees basic nuclear deal with Russia

02-26-06 - A revived caliphate: bogeyman, scapegoat and pinata in the febrile post 9-11 political atmosphere of the West, the exaggeration of the threat from Islam has in different ways (immigration, terrorism, values) come to be exploited by political entrepreneurs as a crucial means of winning political power, extending state control over scared citizens, and justifying the massive projection of military power abroad

02-26-06 - Over 500 protesters converge on UK embassy in Iran More than 500 protesters angered by the destruction of a Shi?ite Muslim shrine in Iraq gathered outside the British Embassy in Tehran on Sunday, burning flags and calling for the mission to be closed.

02-26-06 - Canadian hostage's family appeals for his release

02-26-06 - Suspending Ken Livingstone is an affront to democracy

02-26-06 - White House, Congress, Dubai move toward deal on ports: US senator Dubai Ports World (DPW) will seek a new 45-day US review of its acquisition of a British company that manages key US ports, averting a showdown with the Congress

02-26-06 - Launch of Iran's first nuclear power station delayed again

02-26-06 - France refuses to extradite Syrian over Hariri murder

02-26-06 - Hillary Clinton blasts Hamas, Iran Speaker after speaker at the event, including Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and several members of New York?s congressional delegation, also spoke about the need to contain Hamas and Iran.

02-26-06 - Jewish group to address Iran, Hamas

02-26-06 - It could be done in one night Many commentators argue that a preemptive air attack against Iran's nuclear installations is unfeasible.

02-26-06 - Free speech, even if it hurts Is this line more offensive to Jews than an editorial cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad with a turban bomb is to Muslims? Apparently it is, because the editorial cartoonists are still free


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