The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, October 20, 2006

News for 10-19-06

10-19-06 - North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'

10-19-06 - Britain says U.N. Iran resolution coming

10-19-06 - N Korea faces build-up of naval power The long-planned naval exercises involving the US fleet and ships from Japan's Self Defence Force are now taking place in an atmosphere of high tension.

10-19-06 - Troops With Debt Seen as Security Risks, Barred From Overseas Duty The Pentagon contends financial problems can distract personnel from their duties or make them vulnerable to bribery and treason. As a result, those who fall heavily into debt can be stripped of the security clearances they need to go overseas

10-19-06 - Scott Ritter on "Target Iran: The Truth About the White House's Plans for Regime Change" ** Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter: "The path that the United States is currently embarked on regarding Iran is a path that will inevitably lead to war. Such a course of action will make even the historical mistake we made in Iraq pale by comparison." ...Look, Bush has already said that he doesn't want to leave Iran to the next president, that this is a problem he needs to solve now. And the other factor that we haven?t woven in here that we need to is the role played by Israel in pressuring the United States for a very aggressive stance against Iran Thank you Scott Ritter for having the cojones to point out the elephant in the room.

10-19-06 - Iran issues stark warning over sanctions moves

10-19-06 - Hardship goes on for Palestinians on Iraq-Syria border Some 353 Iraqi Palestinians have been stranded on the Iraqi-Syrian border for almost six months now and no solution to their suffering seems at hand as the Syrian authorities are reluctant to admit them, fearing an exodus from war-torn Iraq.

10-19-06 - Lebanon denies arms smuggling from Syria

10-19-06 - Furor Over Carter?s South Africa Analogy several Jewish leaders have complained that the ads, by criticizing the entire Democratic Party for the hostile statements of a few members, are undercutting the broad pro-Israel coalition that has dominated American politics for decades. - "the broad pro-Israel coalition that has dominated American politics for decades." But if Walt and Measheimer say that they're anti-Semites. K.

10-19-06 - Russia and Israel to deepen military ties

10-19-06 - Israel Lobby Congressional Junkets ? as Usual PoliticalMoneyLine, a watchdog group that follows money in politics, reported on its website that while congressional travel spending has significantly dropped this election year from levels attained in 2003, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) continues to spend freely on congressional junkets it runs to Israel. The junkets are underwritten by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), which is the 501(c)(3) wing of AIPAC.

10-19-06 - Lebanon: Israel greater nuclear threat than N. Korea

10-19-06 - Lebanese army dismantles Israeli pipes The Lebanese army said in a statement on Wednesday that "A tall sand barrier was built as a shield in response to the (Israel's) violation in order to prevent the diversion of rainwater into Lebanon and causing damages to the properties of Lebanese citizens. "

10-19-06 - Hizbullah 'used cluster bombs' Again, keep in mind HRW's sudden turn towards Israel of late. And again : "A leading human rights group called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to end its one-sided approach to the Middle East.

In a release Monday, Human Rights Watch said the recently formed council has passed three resolutions against Israel, but has ignored the actions of Hezbollah and armed Palestinian groups". Since when does a human rights organization lobby on behalf of Israel?

10-19-06 - Lebanon mines 'continue to kill' Landmines and cluster munitions are continuing to kill and injure between three and four civilians in Lebanon each day, a campaign group has said. The bad press from the almost daily reports about civilian casualties of the cluster bomblets Israel fired into Lebanon are enough to warrant a handy dandy new report from HRW about the 'cluster munitions' Hezbollah allegedly fired into Israel. They must do the Hasbara. It means more to them than the moral high ground, quite obviously.

10-19-06 - Unifil head hints at use of force The commander of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon (Unifil) has suggested the use of force to stop continuing Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace. ....Gen Pellegrini also said Unifil had seen no evidence of illegal arms being smuggled in from Syria.

10-19-06 - Opec approves cut in oil output Opec is trying to shore up global crude prices, which have fallen 20% since they hit record highs of $78 a barrel during the conflict in Lebanon in July. We are being deliberately soaked, folks.

10-19-06 - Hezbollah denies cluster bomb use HRW said Hezbollah made two strikes with Chinese-made Type-81 rockets - their first recorded use. But Hezbollah MP Hassan Hoballah told the BBC: "We did not use these bombs. We don't have them." ....HRW says until now Israel prevented publication of the details for security reasons.
: "HRW says until now Israel prevented publication of the details for security reasons. " Mm k.

10-19-06 - Olmert in Moscow / Sowing the seeds of a preemptive strike the prime minister has sown the seeds of the possibility that Israel may be forced to carry out a preemptive strike against Iran if the international community does not succeed in its diplomatic efforts, and if no international force is used against Iran.

10-19-06 - Bush tells Mubarak Syria still active in Lebanon

10-19-06 - Poll: Forty percent of American voters believe the Israel Lobby has been a key factor in going to war in Iraq and now confronting Iran A new poll commissioned by the Council for the National Interest Foundation shows that a significant number of Americans are wary of the power of the Israel lobby, and believe it is behind the invasion of Iraq and the current belligerent tone of the White House and Congress toward Iran. Those that don't agree may need to read this, for starters.

10-19-06 - New Research Shows FCC Media Ownership Rule Changes Will Harm Local Communities -- and Democracy -- Across Nation Oh let's see. The consolidation of media outlets into larger companies going on across the nation. "The president can now - with the approval of Congress - indefinitely hold people without charge, take away protections against horrific abuse, put people on trial based on hearsay evidence, authorise trials that can sentence people to death based on testimony literally beaten out of witnesses, and slam shut the courthouse door for habeas petitions," ( source ) This story starts to sound familiar.

10-19-06 - Israel cannot survive: Ahmadinejad

10-19-06 - Iran must be intimidated, says Israeli leader

10-19-06 - Iran seen stopping Shalit release Iran reportedly bribed the top Hamas leader to prevent the release of an Israeli soldier being held in the Gaza Strip. Mm k.

10-19-06 - Dichter to White House: Egypt must do more Dichter also met with his U.S. counterpart, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. We've been given our orders.

10-19-06 - Hamas denies Iran's role in prisoner swap deal with Israel

10-19-06 - Israel Must Not Ignore A Devalued American Dollar Israel must not ignore such facts while perilously relying on one superpower, no matter how trustworthy, as an implied guarantor of its prosperity and perhaps viable existence..... It would be propitious, in the long run, for the Israeli shekel to grow in value based solely on the merits of Israel?s economy, implicitly suggesting that Israel not rely on the fortunes of its staunchest ally. .....Cut the cord now Israel, your brainpower needs no external help Ungrateful @$%@!~!@ers.

10-19-06 - Heated debate over use of torture The Israeli figure is interesting since it conceals a stark difference in attitude between the country's Jewish majority and its minority of Arab citizens.

This in turn is a reflection of their obvious differences in attitude towards the prevailing security climate.
And that would likely be because its the ARAB citizens that are most likely to get tortured (and have been). It's where the term 'Palestinian hanging' came from - an Israeli technique.

10-19-06 - Britain 'is blocking' cluster bomb ban The move coincides with the release of research suggesting that up to one million potentially lethal unexploded bomblets remain in Lebanon in the aftermath of the Israeli attacks on Hizbollah.

10-19-06 - Palestinian Puzzle - A Business Professor in Springfield Goes on Trial Today On U.S. Charges of Supporting Hamas. He Strongly Denies It.

10-19-06 - U.S. lawyer turns Israeli soldier A 37-year-old New York lawyer, inspired by the Lebanon war, joined the Israeli army.
Something wrong with joining the US army?

10-19-06 - Mideast conflict plays out in terrorism funding trial What's really interesting about the prosecution of Hamas-supporters in this country is that Israel itself helped Hamas along in its infancy (Israel "aided Hamas directly -- the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)," said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies.
") because it was seen as a counter to the secular PLO. Yet we aren't to focus on that little nugget of information.

10-19-06 - UNSC monthly Mideast debate turns into finger-pointing among participants

10-19-06 - Annan presses Lebanon on disarming Hezbollah


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