The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News for 07-10-06

07-10-06 - 4 more charged with rape, murder in Iraq One of the soldiers was charged with failing to report the attack but is not believed to have participated in it directly, the statement said. The four facing murder charges could face the death penalty if convicted.

07-10-06 - Iraq to request end to US legal immunity Iraq's Government says it will ask the United Nations to end immunity from local law for United States troops, as the US military named five soldiers charged in a rape-murder case that has outraged Iraqis.

07-10-06 - Judge: FBI raid on lawmaker's office legal A federal judge on Monday upheld the FBI's unprecedented raid of a congressional office, saying that barring searches of lawmakers' offices would turn Capitol Hill into "a taxpayer-subsidized sanctuary for crime."

07-10-06 - 'Six weeks is long enough,' US tells Iran over nuclear offer

07-10-06 - EU pushes for Iran nuclear reply before G8 deadline The European Union will push Iran on Tuesday to respond to an offer of incentives to halt uranium enrichment in a new encounter just days before a key G8 deadline, but Tehran insists it wants more time.

07-10-06 - Israel calls for tough line on Iran Israel urged Western nations to deny Iran uranium-enrichment capabilities that could help produce nuclear weapons.

07-10-06 - Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax as reported by the Italian daily La Repubblica, the evidence pointed to a joint Italian-American cabal of SISMI operatives and U.S.-based neoconservatives based in and around the Pentagon and the office of the vice president.

07-10-06 - Another secret US intelligence program?

07-10-06 - Iran: We didn't pay PA USD 50 million yet In spite of pledge made to cash-strapped Palestinian Authority, Iran says it has yet to transfer aid, suggests process for payment still being discussed

07-10-06 - White House: Russia must move more for US-WTO deal

07-10-06 - Bush to meet German Chancellor this week Early on during her tenure, Merkel ingratiated herself with Washington by drawing a parallel between the anti-Semitism of Iranian President Mahmoud Amedinejad and that of Adolf Hitler. "A president who questions Israel's right to exist, a president who denies the Holocaust, cannot expect Germany to show any tolerance at all on this issue. We have learned the lessons of our past," Merkel said.

07-10-06 - Russia leaves behind post-Soviet inferiority complex

07-10-06 - Israel's Deadliest Weapon


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