The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 03, 2006

News for 07-02-06

07-02-06 - US military doubts bombing of Iran would succeed The military officers are concerned about contingency plans to launch air strikes against Iran because of the absence of actionable intelligence or concrete evidence of bomb making, the magazine said, citing unnamed active duty and retired officers and officials. Neocons will be enraged at this, no doubt.

07-02-06 - Iran rejects deadline for nuclear response

07-02-06 - New laws to punish whistle blowers

07-02-06 - US army says policy violated in soldiers' deaths Three U.S. soldiers killed by insurgents south of Baghdad last month had been left alone at a checkpoint in violation of military procedure, a U.S. military spokeswoman said on Saturday.

07-02-06 - State Tracked Protesters in the Name of Security Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office in charge of protecting California against terrorism has tracked demonstrations staged by political and antiwar groups, a practice that senior law enforcement officials say is an abuse of civil liberties.

07-02-06 - Are all lives equal? Not according to the way the US compensates victims

07-02-06 - Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape

07-02-06 - Syria may help if Gaza offensive ends Damascus: Syria will lean on Hamas to find a solution to a crisis sparked by the capture of an Israeli soldier only if Israel stops its attacks on Gaza, Syrian and Palestinian politicians said on Sunday.

07-02-06 - PDF file: America and Israel: A Troubling Alliance This ad was placed in today's New York Times. Please support the Council for the National Interest if you can - they are the good guys.

07-02-06 - INTERVIEW - Guantanamo, Iraq damage U.S. credibility, Saudi says "(Palestinian) leaders are hunted and killed one after the other, their homes and fields are destroyed, their lands are taken, new settlements are set up ... I'm sure the American people wouldn't be happy with this if they were aware of the facts."

07-02-06 - Hamas leaders in Syria seek extra security The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to arrest Mashaal and close the militant group's office in the Syrian capital.


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