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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Fourth of July - America's Independence Day

On the Fourth Of July , most Americans celebrate Independence Day with family, friends and with the culmination of grand fireworks displays. But do we even know the real reasons for this holiday?

What were the reasons that we sought independence from Britain?

I encourage ALL of my readers to ponder and research this question.

Those 'rebels' in the colonies sought freedom - they would rather DIE than submit (LIVE FREE OR DIE.) to unjust laws/policies. They demanded a say in their government (NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION).

George Washington and his band of 'rebels' put forth great personal effort and sacrifice to see to it that these visions were realized. When it was over and independence was won, Washington surrendered his sword and traded power for liberty, and glory for justice. There are no greater causes.

Americans should see to it that their foreign policy does not result in the denial of liberty and justice for other peoples. And we should heed Washington's wise words from his farewell address - this would go a long way toward keeping the American cause alive, intact, and in the hearts of all.


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