The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News for 10-31-05

10-31-05 - U.S. bombs Qaeda house near Syrian border A local hospital doctor in the town of Qaim said 40 people were killed and 20 wounded, many of them women and children, and a tribal leader said there were no guerrillas in the area

10-31-05 - UN Security Council adopts watered-down resolution on Syria to gain crucial support from veto-wielding China and Russia as well as Algeria, the only Arab member of the council, Britain, France and the United States dropped a reference threatening economic and diplomatic sanctions under the UN Charter.

10-31-05 - Iran says not afraid of war, sanctions Full-scale Middle East war on the horizon? Sure smells like it.

10-31-05 - Despite Warnings, U.S. Leans on Syria some Arab leaders and other allies say the Syrian government is already fragile and isolated. They have warned that international sanctions or other measures could topple the regime, destabilizing an important corner of the Middle East and possibly opening the way for Islamist groups such as the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood....The United States also must persuade other nations, including Arab countries, that the diplomatic effort "is not a prelude to an invasion," he said This story sounds familiar.

10-31-05 - We Have Been Warned We have been warned. Prepare for a broader war in the Middle East, as plans are being laid for the next U.S. led regime change-- in Syria.

10-31-05 - Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney The war Cheney and his neocon confreres wanted has turned out to be an albatross hung 'round Bush's neck, and it is dragging down the GOP as we approach the 2006 congressional elections

10-31-05 - Back to collaborative diplomacy? For all its scepticism towards international organisations the United States appears to have re-discovered the UN with a vengeance.

10-31-05 - Rice says 'isolated' Syria put on notice It would appear that Russia and China are not going to allow for the next scheduled regime change on the neocons' list : Syria.

10-31-05 - What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins By creating false documents and false threats, the neoconservatives pushed the U.S. into an invasion of Iraq as the opening step in their plan for a wider war that would remake the Middle East.

10-31-05 - Libby at center of case; reporters in middle

10-31-05 - Sharon Praises Stands Against Iran, Syria Naturally, since Israel is calling the shots. From 2003 Israeli Ambassador to US Calls for 'Regime Change' in Iran, Syria

10-31-05 - Leak led to threats against CIA agent, husband reveals

10-31-05 - Wilson says leak destroyed wife's CIA career

10-31-05 - Remarks by Stephen Hadley to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Summit 2005 If freedom prevails in Iraq, others in the region - including Syria and Iran - will be under greater pressure to open up their repressive political systems. And that is good news for Israel...But if we succeed in our broader objectives in the War on Terror and in Iraq, Israel will be more secure as a result. No kidding, what a coincidence.

10-31-05 - 2015 release projected for Pollard The U.S. Bureau of Prisons projects a 2015 release date for Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. navy analyst convicted of spying for Israel. The release date, on the bureau?s Web site, is the first indication that the United States plans to release Pollard, who was convicted in 1986 and is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison.


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