The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, October 23, 2005

News for 10-22-05

10-22-05 - The Costs of War at Walter Reed

10-22-05 - Hariri's son wants killers to face international court

10-22-05 - Iran won't yield to U.S. nuclear pressure: Leader

10-22-05 - US seeking world domination: Iran's supreme leader

10-22-05 - In ominous move, prosecutor in CIA leak case sets up Web site

10-22-05 - Fitzgerald Expands Probe to Prewar Intel

10-22-05 - Russia to launch Iran's first satellite

10-22-05 - US leads calls for action against Syria after Hariri murder report "Why should the United Nations spend all this effort, money, human resources and time, in order to reach exactly what the United States has been saying from day one without a shred of evidence?"

10-22-05 - US diplomat points to neocon ideology behind actions in Iraq A veteran US diplomat who served as a government adviser in Iraq says US policy in the country at the initial stage of the occupation was driven by neoconservative ideology rather than careful preparation and clear understanding of issues.

10-22-05 - White House Defense Shaky in CIA Leak Case

10-22-05 - The #1 Most Buried Story: Halliburton pumping the oil that?s not even metered

10-22-05 - Syria pledges to cooperate after UN Hariri murder report "It is incumbent upon Syria to clarify a considerable part of the unresolved questions," the report said. Wasn't that the point of the UN investigation?

10-22-05 - Lebanese boat enters Israeli waters

10-22-05 - Prosecutor in AIPAC affair is named new U.S. deputy AG

10-22-05 - US forced Israel to freeze Venezuelan F-16 contract: ministry Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz is planning a visit to the Pentagon next month, a ministry spokeswoman confirmed, and is likely to focus on defence deals.

10-22-05 - Old Bush vs. new The Bush administration is bracing for a powerful new attack by Brent Scowcroft, the respected national security adviser to the first President George Bush

10-22-05 - New report brings Syria closer to sanctions It appears unlikely that the Security Council will consider the two reports sufficiently damning to impose sanctions on Syria. Both reports prepare the ground for future sanctions, however, and contain an indirect recommendation to Syrian President Bashar Assad that he cooperate with the United Nations

10-22-05 - Letter from Caracas For one thing, the administration is on friendly terms with governments and groups hostile to Israel and the Jewish people, including Iran and Islamic extremists Then why is Israel arming them?


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