The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, October 24, 2005

News for 10-23-05

10-23-05 - Lawyers in CIA-leak case say charges possible this week

10-23-05 - Plame plans to sue White House officials

10-23-05 - Central witness to Mehlis report revealed as a paid swindler The most prestigious German political news-magazine, Der Spiegel, revealed today that the central witness, Zuheir al-Siddiq on whom Detlev Mehlis had relied during his investigations into the assault on Rafiq Hariri, was a dubious person with a criminal record as a convicted felon and swindler

10-23-05 - Syria mulls response to 'slanderous' probe

10-23-05 - US seeks firm UN action towards Syria in wake of Hariri report

10-23-05 - Rice says US military action against Iran "not on agenda"

10-23-05 - Fundamentalist Arrested in Hariri Killing

10-23-05 - US 'confident' world will respond after UN report on Syria

10-23-05 - UN probe disregards dental evidence Ayoub said a tooth was found belonging to a Palestinian whose remnants were subject to DNA analysis and is now believed to be the suicide bomber who drove the explosives laden Mitsubishi truck to the site of the explosion.

10-23-05 - Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

10-23-05 - Pressure builds on Syrian regime

10-23-05 - Abu Adas family to sue Assef Shawkat after report Ahmad's brother Khaled, who lives in Germany, contacted his family during the interview. He revealed that he was discussing with an international legal expert the means to file a lawsuit against Assef Shawkat [President Bashar Assad's brother-in-law] after Mehlis's report stated that Shawkat forced Ahmad to claim responsibility for the murder

10-23-05 - Jumblatt urges Syria to cooperate with Mehlis, rejects sanctions

10-23-05 - Arianna Huffington: Throwing Miller and Libby Overboard is Not Enough

10-23-05 - Palestinian shot dead in clashes outside Lebanon refugee camp

10-23-05 - Legal Problems Dog Bush's Inner Circle

10-23-05 - Foes help at sea Syrian sailors rescued two Israelis whose boat sank off Cyprus

10-23-05 - Senate approves money for Arrow The Senate approved almost double President Bush?s requested funding for the Arrow, a joint U.S.-Israeli anti-missile program.

10-23-05 - UN report may demand Lebanon stop arms flow from Syria Isn't it odd how these things always come back to the Palestinians? What is our beef with Syria? Why has this become our problem? Who made it so?

10-23-05 - UN envoy raps Syria's ongoing Lebanon ties -report Syria continues to arm proxy guerrillas and run spies in Lebanon despite withdrawing its troops from the country in April, an Israeli newspaper quoted an upcoming U.N. report as saying on Sunday Israel now gets the jump on U.N. reports?


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