The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

News for 10-10-05

10-10-05 - Tri-nation meet discusses Iraq, Syria Egypt believes "no one should jump to conclusions ... or point a finger of blame at Syria before the UN investigator's report was issued",

10-10-05 - T Is For Traitor Probably the most compelling and outspoken conservative is Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan Cabinet member. Roberts accuses the neocons of treason outright: "The neocons have declared America at war with 1 billion Muslims who have done us no harm. Simultaneously, the neocons destroyed our traditional alliances. Instead of isolating a terrorist enemy, neocons have isolated America."

10-10-05 - Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence

10-10-05 - U.S. and EU3 urged to remain united on Iran

10-10-05 - Rice to hammer out Iran strategy with European powers

10-10-05 - Bringing the War Home

10-10-05 - Lebanese Palestinian Front Rebuffs All Opposition to Arms Issue

10-10-05 - Rice declines to confirm report on US strikes against Syria Rice also said Syria must "make certain that in terms of 1559 they are not encouraging Palestinian rejectionists, some of them in Lebanon, trying to harm the process that is going on in the Palestinian territories."


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