The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News for 10-04-05

10-04-05 - Pentagon late on reimbursing troops for Iraq gear The Pentagon has not devised rules for reimbursing U.S. troops for body armor and other gear bought with their own money for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan despite a law that required such guidelines seven months ago

10-04-05 - Palestinian group in Lebanon rebuffs disarmament calls

10-04-05 - Syrian media source expresses concern over Gaza incidents

10-04-05 - Mofaz: U.S. pressure on Syria could topple Assad regime In an interview to Israel Radio, Mofaz said that Syria's involvement in the assassination of former Lebanon president, Rafik Hariri, and its support of Iraqi insurgents operating from within its territory, will bring about U.S actions that may overthrow Bashar Assad's regime. Cui bono ? Who benefits? ? is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror. Did those who planned and perpetrated this atrocity seek not only the elimination of the pro-Saudi and pro-American Hariri, but a U.S.-Syria confrontation that immediately followed? Baiting a Trap for Bush?


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