The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, October 08, 2005

News for 10-07-05

10-07-05 - Iranians demonstrate en masse to back nuclear program

10-07-05 - Bush God comments 'not literal'

10-07-05 - Bush: Syria, Iran must be held accountable Asked to elaborate later, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said the United States could expand sanctions against Syria.

10-07-05 - Iran strong enough to stand sanctions: cleric

10-07-05 - Syria Growing More Isolated The U.N. investigation is not the only source of pressure on Syria. Washington considers the country a destabilizing element in the region and has been pushing the regime to change its behavior.

10-07-05 - Senate Votes to Give Bush More War Funds The Senate voted Friday to give President Bush $50 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S. military efforts against terrorism, money that would push total spending for the operations beyond $350 billion

10-07-05 - Indictment choices for the CIA leak

10-07-05 - Rattle Sabers, Blah, Blah, Blah In a speech about the war on terror this morning, President Bush was sounding like a neocon puppet. And that he is

10-07-05 - BBC shies away from Bush story Just 24 hours after accusations that the corporation's news coverage was backing away from risk-taking, some of the BBC's key outlets decided not to run an exclusive story unearthed by BBC2 about the US president.

10-07-05 - Europe shocked over BBC's revelations An appalled, only marginally amused Britain and much of Europe has reacted with shock to an extraordinary revelation by the BBC, which claims President Bush confessed to senior Palestinian leaders that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

10-07-05 - DeLay?s Downfall Likely May Mar Pro-Israel Clout Jews on the left, who favor a stronger U.S. role in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking that may include new pressure on Israel, were delighted when DeLay gave up his leadership post until his legal difficulties are resolved. Pro-Israel forces that relied on the Texas Republican to forestall such pressure were worried.

10-07-05 - Committee praises Israel U.N. move The resolution, initiated by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and passed Friday by the U.S. House of Representatives? International Relations Committee, congratulates Israel?s ambassador to the United Nations More legislation for Israel.

10-07-05 - Bush: Fight terrorism to protect Israel America must fight terrorists because they could destroy Israel, President Bush said.

10-07-05 - Lebanon's move on arms worries Palestinian guerrillas

10-07-05 - Hundreds rally against lifting ban HUNDREDS of people turned up at two separate sites to demonstrate against Bahrain's lifting of a boycott of Israeli goods yesterday....The lifting of the ban is understood to be part of the conditions specified in Bahrain's upcoming Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.

10-07-05 - Nobel Prize to IAEA 'warning' to Iran: Peres Peres is considered the "father" of Israel's nuclear technology for creating in the 1950s with France, the only known nuclear power station in the country.

10-07-05 - Bolton: UNRWA might disappear Israeli and pro-Israel groups complain that UNRWA acts as an advocate for the Palestinians instead of simply administering relief. UNRWA says it advocates for a standard of living and not a national cause.
Bolton is Israel's new ambassador to the UN.

10-07-05 - Israel denies 'spying against US'


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