The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 15, 2005

News for 08-15-05

08-15-05 - Is this Iran crisis for real? Patrick J. Buchanan If the council then rejects sanctions, but America and her NATO allies impose them, the world will be divided between Russia-China-Iran on one side and the United States and its backers on the other. It would be interesting to see how many U.S. allies are willing to support sanctions on the third-largest oil producer on earth when oil is running at $65 a barrel

08-15-05 - How Bush would gain from war with Iran War with Iran next spring can enable them to win the mid-term elections and retain control of the Republican party, now in partial rebellion over Iraq

08-15-05 - Reality check for Bush administration in Iraq The Bush administration is "significantly" lowering expectations about what it can achieve in Iraq, finally admitting that its prewar plans were "unrealistic," the Washington Post reported on Sunday

08-15-05 - Responding to Bush, Iran says has more war options than U.S. Iran notched up the rhetorical battle with the United States on Sunday, declaring its options, if attacked by Washington, far exceeded those of the Americans

08-15-05 - NY assemblyman sneaks into Gaza This is his fifth trip to the area since January. He said he came to stand in solidarity with the residents in their most difficult hour.
Dov Hikind is the same individual that called for racial profiling in NYC. That he is a settler-supporter should come as no surprise.

08-15-05 - Get Ready for World War III Israel, which is loaded with nuclear weapons and is not a signatory to the nuclear pacts, is the accuser against Iran, asserting that Iran's nuclear energy program is just a veil behind which to produce weapons.

08-15-05 - Israel calls for end to hostility at United Nations Why Bolton was REALLY nominated to his post - his unwavering support of the Jewish State.


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