The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Deep Background

June 6, 2005 issue of the American Conservative. Author Philip Giraldi. Once again, typed up
by me from hard copy issue.

Deep Background

Pentagon protege Ahmad Chalabi who lied about WMD and leaked U.S. intelligence to Iran, is back on top and has been congratulated by Condoleeza Rice over his appointment as Iraq's deputy prime minister and acting oil minister. Chalaabi has brought his friends along with him. Arras Habib Karim, his chief of intelligence, who had fled to Tehran after an Iraqi judge issued an arrest warrant for him, has returned to Baghdad. The Iraqi Justice Ministry's file on Arras has mysteriously disappeared, and there is no longer any danger of him being arrested. Arras orchestrated the alleged Iraqi defectors to European and American intelligence services prior to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The "defectors" routinely fabricated information about weapons of mass destruction programs. The U.S. intelligence commmunity also believes that Arras is an Iranian intelligence agent working for the Iranian Ministry of Information and Security. He was the conduit for a number of classified U.S. government reports passed to Iranian intelligence, many of which were originally given to Chalabi by Pentagon officials without authorization.

The Chalabi connection is also a major element in the FBI investigation of AIPAC, which led to the recent indictment of Department of Defense analyst Larry Franklin. The bureau has determined that the recently disbanded Office of Special Plans, headed by Doug Feith, was the source for the leaks both to Israel and Iran. Several of Feith's dozen handpicked employees have reportedly been polygraphed in an attempt to trace the document trail. An FBI source also notes that a number of the staff working most closely with Feith do so without security clearances that have been issued in the normal fashion, i.e., after a background investigation and a vetting process. They have reportedly received godfathered clearances in which senior Defense Department officials intervene in the process to overrule FBI objections. Feith himself should never have received a clearance after having been fired from the National Security Council in 1982 over allegations that he passed classified material to Israel, but he was reportedly godfathered by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz.


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