The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 15, 2005

News for 08-14-05

08-14-05 - UN tests back Iran on nuke traces: diplomat Tests by the UN nuclear watchdog appear to confirm that traces of weapons-grade uranium found in Iran came from abroad, reinforcing Iran's assertion it does not seek atomic weapons.

08-14-05 - Hundreds join anti-war protest at Bush ranch

08-14-05 - Iran Seeks Talks With Europe on Uranium

08-14-05 - Iran accuses US, Britain over ethnic clashes "We have information that the United States is interfering in the northwest of Iran. That is unacceptable and we are going to protest,"

08-14-05 - McCain: Iran Military Option Must Be Kept Here is McCain on Hardball in December of 2001 telling Chris Matthews how America should take care of threats to Israel (Saddam), halfway down the page.

08-14-05 - US urges Iran, Syria to stop flow of insurgents, weapons undermining Iraq Khalilzad told NBC television that "Syria is the most serious troublemaker with regards to Iraq. Iran is the second one."

08-14-05 - Cindy Sheehan: I won't pay tax Mother of slain soldier labels Bush 'maniac,' calls for impeachment, Israel out of Palestine


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