The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congress, on behalf of Israel, about to declare war on Iran

Update - Phil Giraldi writes another article about Congress' probable approval of an Israeli strike on Iran. The mainstream media has still thus far ignored any mention of this story and its grave implications for our troops and missions in the region should Israel indeed attack Iran.

Update - the mainstream media has thus far failed to report this issue to the American people. So alarming is this move by Congress, that more former intelligence officials have stepped forward to warn Americans of the impending strike on Iran. For how much longer will the press ignore this? Until Israel stages its casus belli, thus 'justifying' the strike on Iran, and therefore making it easier for our mainstream media to feed us lies from the Israeli Foreign Ministry (which it basically does now)?

According to this report at The American Conservative by former CIA counterrorism officer Phil Giraldi, Israel's representatives (they're certainly not ours) on Capitol Hill are taking us to war again, this time with Iran. How? By OK'ing an Israeli strike on Iran, they are effectively ensuring American participation in said strike, because it would automatically imply American involvement. This puts our troops in the region in grave danger.

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