The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Articles

02-05-10 - A tale of two articles on the respected Jewish news website, The Forward.

In this article, the author suggests that pro-Israel money only merely 'steers', not drives, US foreign policy. Oh. Ok.

Now read this article. Hmm. We have Abe Foxman (of the ADL - another agent of Israel) gloating about getting the Obama administration to stop putting pressure on Israel. Note the about face by Clinton as well when faced with this influence by the Israeli lobby.

So to respond to the first article. No, the Israeli lobby does not 'steer' US foreign policy. It is planted square in the driver's seat. And the rest of us Americans (the majority having no real vested interest in Israel) are being taken along unwittingly and unwillingly and to our detriment - on a ride that has cost us in more ways than one.

But shhhhh.. this lobby is just a myth... it doesn't really exist, and if it does, it merely 'steers'...


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