The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 11, 2008

Michael Savage rebroadcasts NewsMax extremist Ken Timmerman's warning on Iran

With respect to my previous post on Michael Savage, the same friend who informed me previously about the activities on Savage's radio program has just now informed me that Michael Savage decided to rebroadcast Ken Timmerman's hysterical warnings that Iran will nuke America - if they get nukes.


First off, NewsMax is a neocon-sympathetic 'news' website that makes FoxNews look like liberals. And secondly, Kenneth Timmerman evidently has an agenda - come on, "Foundation for Democracy in Iran"? That sounds an awful lot like the neocon 'thinktank' Foundation for Defense of Democracies. This guy has it out for Iran, and based on the title of one of his books listed there on Wiki, he's got it out for Islam too. This guy would appear to be a classic card-carrying neocon.

More from Wiki:

He has been accused of stoking conflict with Iran (a charge which his supporters deny), by misrepresenting the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, as well as denouncing the National Intelligence Estimate which clearly states that Iran had ended a project to design nuclear warheads some years ago, although they increased their efforts on the more important parts of their program for building nuclear weapons. Timmerman denounced the misleading way in which the unclassified summary of the report described the report's conclusions.

Really now? So given all that, why should we trust him to tell us - in contravention of what our own CIA is telling us - that Iran is a grave threat to the continental United States? What do Gates and Mullen think about the 'Iran threat'?

Whom should we believe?

And the whole point being is this: beware of those who are trying to ram the 'Iran threat' down our throat. There is one nation that will do and say anything to get us to attack Iran. And evidently, Michael Savage is becoming one of their number one shills.


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