The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Michael Savage - Still a Shill for Israel

I've had some suspicions over the years as to if Michael Savage uses his radio program to shill for Israel. Something that happened last night has confirmed these suspicions once again: I was at a friend's house who was listening to Savage's program - and I happened to catch Savage turning over the airwaves/citing Aaron Klein in Jerusalem.

Aaron Klein, in my opinion, is himself a suspicious character. He writes for World Net Daily, and his stories are also printed by Ynet News, an Israeli news service. But, I've seen many stories over the past few years that were penned by Klein that appear to be factually dubious - and I'm not the only one. In an article from March of this year, The Nation has a small write up on Klein (paragraph 11).

It's also worth noting that World Net Daily, owned by Arab Christian Zionist Joseph Farah, is described as 'disreputable' in the aforementioned article. While I largely agree with that assessment, WND's only saving grace is the fact that they host Pat Buchanan's Creator's Syndicate columns - a political commentator with whom I am in much agreement on all matters of foreign policy.

That said, that Savage would use Klein as a reliable source for information is a little strange. And the same friend that had Savage's radio program on, informed me that Savage recently had someone on the program alleging that Iran was test firing missiles from ships. This commentator was evidently asserting that these missiles pose a threat to the continental US. Come again? Ridiculous. In fact, it sounds to me like Savage is using his radio program to stir up fears in Americans over the 'Iranian threat'. Iran has not threatened the US in the absence of any threats we've made to them. And let us not forget who is pulling the strings behind this belligerence.

Not so long ago, Savage was airing on his program a former AIPAC official who was disparaging Jimmy Carter for alleged bias toward Nazis, going so far as to liken him to Hitler. If I had any doubts then as to if Michael Wiener Savage has a passionate attachment to Israel, I don't now.

Savage listeners: Beware. You are being propagandized. Israel wants us to attack Iran. And its minions in the US, including Savage, are going to make sure that the sheep toe the line.


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