The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 03, 2005

News for 11-02-05

11-02-05 - Senate to probe how case for war was made It would also probe whether a Pentagon policy group under Douglas Feith ginned up the case for war, preempting other intelligence

11-02-05 - Iran Grants U.N. Access to Military Site

11-02-05 - Syria says can cope with any sanctions - FT

11-02-05 - Arab Nations Press Syria on U.N. Probe

11-02-05 - France renews threat to take Iran before UN Security Council

11-02-05 - Iran remembers US embassy siege

11-02-05 - Syria frees political prisoners

11-02-05 - Pat Fitzgerald: A 'special' prosecutor by Patrick J. Buchanan

11-02-05 - Explosion near British offices in Tehran

11-02-05 - Scooter Libby, Mob Lawyer the now-indicted Scooter Libby represented Marc Rich, one of the most notorious organized crime figures in the world

11-02-05 - While You Slept They lied us into war The Libby indictment is just the beginning. Neocon-gate is big, and getting bigger by the day. Before this is over, we'll have half the staff of the American Enterprise Institute in the dock ? and the other half testifying against them.

11-02-05 - Beirut should counter Roed-Larsen's report It intervened "in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction" of Lebanon, acknowledged without condemning Israel's violations of Lebanon's territorial integrity, and contradicted the "sovereign equality" principle by denying Lebanon certain rights which are obviously permitted to other member nations.

11-02-05 - Bush aide denies ties to fake Iraq-Niger documents President George W. Bush's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, denied on Wednesday that he or his staff received fake documents in 2002 that showed Iraq was seeking uranium from Niger, a claim that formed part of the administration's case for going to war See Hadley's speech to AIPAC from day's ago.

11-02-05 - Syria says U.N. resolution "very negative"

11-02-05 - Iran recalls senior ambassadors

11-02-05 - Karen Hughes Press Conference Kuala Lampur America's policy is that we support a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel Middle Easterners have heard this talk now for a few years, with no results; no Palestinian State and certainly no justice for them. In other words, they are watching what we DO, not what we SAY.

11-02-05 - UN Looks To Next Steps In Syria "Further, we are encouraging the Government of Lebanon to set up a mechanism with the different Palestinian groups in order to resolve the issue of disbanding them and disarming them,"

11-02-05 - AIPAC judge keeps evidence classified The federal judge in the AIPAC classified-information case ruled that prosecutors may withhold evidence from the defense

11-02-05 - Israeli PM berates Italy for contacts with Hezbollah

11-02-05 - U.S. security officials go to Israel

11-02-05 - Indifference to Israeli aggression makes U.S. policy look imbalanced America's silence on the oppression of Palestinians makes U.S. foreign policy look grossly imbalanced. If Israeli oppression of Palestinians continues to go unchecked, all of America's efforts to promote justice in the Middle East will come to naught.

11-02-05 - Israeli PM adviser urges caution on Hamas But Gold's warning also flies in the face of the policy of rapid democratization throughout the Middle East that has been pushed by leading American neo-conservatives and that has been enthusiastically adopted by President Bush. They want the 'democracy' that they can DICTATE to the Middle Eastern folks - namely, the 'democracy' that's cozy with Israel and all of its policies in the Occupied Territories.


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